Olympic squat or power lifting squat

Normally I would go for power lifting squat over oly squat for the obvious reason of more erector spinae and hamstring recruitment.

However if we are making good progress with good mornings/back hypers/reverse hypers etc does it really matter if we are using power lifting squat technique or not?

One point though; what about the neural response gained from recruiting in the power lifting squat style ie. all the major muscle groups together as perhaps similar to sprint accel.

Any comments? All muscle groups together as in power squat or more seperately as in oly squat and supplementary exercises such as reverse hypers?

Purely from an economy of training time point of view i would opt for the powerlifting squats as the one and only ME excercise.

Weight lifting is general, so don’t worry about which is more specific to sprinting / acceleration.

So the answer to your question is that it doesn’t matter which style you use.

I agree with the economy view and also weightlifting being general re neural firing.

However, I am still confused regarding the fact that oly lifts (clean, snatch) are used to stimulate the nervous system in a way to improve sprinting power. This being true, why cant we use the squat similarly?

It stimulates to nervous system since it is a high speed movement which involves almost every muscle in the body. The way it is “specific”? to sprinting power is not just because of the many motor units being activated but the fact that triple extension is occuring. Extension of the hip, knee, and ankle.
We can squat similarly and that is an arguement between the coaches who favor oly. lifting and by the coaches who favor powerlifting. The way this is accomplished is by doing dynamic box squats. The main difference however is the lack of triple extension.