Olympic Games Rio Athletics Track and Field August 10th 2016

I have enjoyed watching the hep athletes. Canada has Brianne Theissen-Eaton competing as a Canadian. She is married to a Decathlon American. Have you seen the cute Visa ad they are featured in? Visa always does great ads during the Olympics. I wonder how much they are actually “helping” the athletes opposed to themselves?

Best HJ in Hep was 1.98 and worst was of top 10 was 1.80m That’s pretty impressive. Having said that you are not going to be able to be successful for long in the Hep or Dec if you can’t jump as it requires speed, strength and skill. The event is a good indicator of other events you will be able to learn I think.

Best 100mh was 12.84 and worst of the winner of the 4 sets of heats was 13.79. Ennis Hill is a dynamo of an athlete. She won the fastest of all the heats.

Shot put is interesting watching these woman compared to the winner of the actual shot put. 14.81 vs. 20.63 with New Olympic Record. Does not hurt that your dad threw shot put and you competed in the Super Bowl how many times? Right? Small advantage I might suggest but even playing field for sure exist in all sports 100 percent of the time. :slight_smile:

Did anyone see the 400 meter qualifiers men and or woman?

I saw the men’s 400m - the top 3 ran very well…

Great men’s PV competition tonight!