Olympic competition

Just wondering how many here have actually competed at the Olympics or trained athletes that have (obviously Charlie has).

I know for a fact that there are many coaches on here who have trained Olympians. The problem with a Poll like this is that those coaches may not take the poll due to their modesty. You would be surprised at the calibre of coaches and indivuduals who frequent this site.

I know there are plenty of top coaches here and that was the reason for the poll…point taken though.

Is it still modest though when it is just a statement of fact?

yeah, once I realized that (and put it in perspective) I got pretty scared… :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s a whole other world up there…

It is amazing who does what.

2 points though

Point 1 - they are all human

Point 2 - some of the best coaches are educators and freely provide help.

So even though from most points of view I am a dumb a r s e in sports terms and I am willing to learn/listen and be humbled. The last happens frequently in my life.

So coaches and athletes you don’t need to big note yourself but be honest.