olifts or plyos first?

if one is to do olifts and plyos on the same day does it matter what order you do them in?

Both plyos and olifts require a fresh cns and a pretty technique-oriented, so i don’t know which one iu should do first…

the session would :
3x10 tuck jumps
3x10 bounds
3x10 box jumps
3x10 single leg hops
3x4-5 altitude drops
then 3 or 4 working sets of 2-3 reps of powercleans, then full body weights.

Any rhyme or reason to the plyos? What does the “full body weights” include besides oly lifts?

coming off of a hamstring injury, and i don’t want to start sprinting all out just yet. (can lift and do tempo tho)

full body weights are actually just going to be bodyweight isometric holds ie holding lunge/pistonl/ghr positions. Also some GHR slow negs and some push press, and abs

In my workouts, I always go from the fastest training elements to the slowest, so that would mean:

  1. sprints
  2. plyos
  3. olympic lifts
  4. squat, deadlifts, bench, etc…

You’ve got 132 jumps in there in one workout. In my opinion, that’s too much. Drop it to below 50.

Are these going to be submax effort plyos?

I would say if your doing all this stuff at max, you should be good to go with sprinting.

If your coming off injury I might go with the lifting first, then maybe some lighter weight power clean making sure your hammy is ok, then the heavier stuff, then to sprinting, then jumps, maybe just use this progression for the first couple days. Just my opinion.

Then more like xlr8 recommends seems to be the more common style, also depends some on your goals which order you do them in.

below 50? really? that seems really low… can anyone else back up this opinion?

it depends on how you’re doing them, are you bounding as a warm up? i would keep it below 50 per session tho, i feel spent after that much, and also quality, not quantity is the important factor, so really how many quality reps do you think u could do? as for order, i would move from the left to the right (fastest, to slowest moving, ie sprint, plyo, oly, strength)

if your pounding them out one after another sprint, jumps, lifts I would keep it low as well 50 is probably a good cut off maybe get away with a little higher.

If you are doing them as seperate sessions you could get up around 100 or higher depending what else your doing on the day.

But the way you have it now, I’d agree with the gallery.

sorry, but when you say you agree with the “gallery”… do you mean speed kills or what i listed ib my above post?

omyss your plyos don’t look very organized. looks like you just arbitrarily picked a bunch of exercises and decided 3 sets at whatever reps for each.

You can do 100+ “submax” plyos (ground to ground) but you have alot of high intensity plyos (box or single leg variants).
3x10 box jumps
3x10 single leg hops
3x4-5 altitude drops

I would do something like:
3x10 tuck jumps
3x10 bounds
3x5 box jumps
3x5 single leg hops
3x2 altitude drops

You could do them before, after, or in between sets of the o-lifts.

I was just agreeing that the jumps should be of high quality and the way you have it set up right now, the best way to keep the quality is to lower the volume down to around 50 if the full workout is done at one continuous time.

To start to figure out what needs to be cut, just ask yourself why you choose that specific jump, if you dont really have a reason then cut it out, it seems like your working on some different traits with that variety of jumps, just ask yourself why your doing it, or whats most important to develop at this time and you can probably cut some of it out.

Just an idea, some may not agree, but if you have the luxury of time I would probably set it up into 2 or 3 distinct sessions throughout the day to keep the quality high, like i said others on here my not agree due to the shortening of recovery time from day to day, but I have found splitting up sessions to be advantageous.