Office Linebackers Needed:

I’m hiring and looking for a TT replacement.

That was funny!

“You wanna play games, baby? Well when it’s game time, it’s pain time!”

Words to live by :slight_smile:

i have all the tt on my cpu and they never get old, the best one is the draft day

I crack up every time I see that one.

I’ll give you a piece of pain cake, and you won’t want seconds!! Woo Woo!!

for my senior project last year I did a rendition of TT office linebacker, and instead did dorm linebacker (i lived in a dorm in highschool)

absolutely hilarious, esp since I got my teachers to participate

Where you the guy?

I mean the linebacker in the film?

My Vote for CF Man of the Year goes to Terry Tate…the guy is so funny its not even funny! Is he on T.V also?


Here Here. Here comes the Pain Train!! Woo-woo!! Woo-woo!!