Off-Season Training

One of my ex co-workers is sending an athlete from his hometown. He’s from a smaller program plays football and runs track and field in the off season.

Athlete: X (JR)
6’4 200lbs
100: 10.26 - soph yr
200: 20.57 - soph yr
400: 49.22 - soph yr (training run)
Lj: 6.78 - soph yr (not pb’s)
Tj: 13.96 - fr yr (not pb’s)
40: 4.2-4.3
Svj: 43in
225: 18reps

He will cont to run track this off-season and join me this summer. Most of you guys know I like CFTS, Boyd Epley, and Dave Ken modified programs with football players - should be fun.

That’s insane, he has PBs that would put him near the top of the UK ranking for 100 and 200 but only does track in the off season!?

You guys have too much talent over there…

Yes, he made major improvements from his freshman to sophomore year. I can’t wait to see what he run this year.

Interesting to hear you guys view on weight gain for this athlete? My view - stay at his current weight and get as efficient as possible, T&F may be his way out. I wouldn’t recommend gaining 10-15lbs then having to lose before the next track season etc. If he decided to focus on football only after his Sr year then maybe I could see a gain being beneficial.

Well with him playing both sports he is really not having an off season. Football and track go hand in hand. If track becomes a major focus, then weight gain should be kept to a minimum, or lose some. He can always gain weight, which imo is easier than losing. If he decides to give the nfl a shot, he can gain the weight needed, but impress them with his speed and weight wont matter

Great hearing this info…

How much did he weigh his Freshman year?
He seemed to have found what works great for him and I am sure you will help him understand it better/deeper.

Did he keep a log?
You must have 100 questions for him about last year I imagine.

I’m sure you’ll keep it going my man. To your success!!

I will say this, I don’t know much about his college training but his coach is well known and have worked with many high level track and field athletes. He did mainly jumps his freshman year and ran the 100m twice with his best (10.73). His sophomore year he ran the 100m five times with his best (10.26) - peaked at the right time. His weight haven’t changed much at all. He’s still a baby on the track, first year was SR of high school. To be honest, I probably won’t offer much - I’m getting a great athlete - try not to fuck it up. Since he’s coming from a smaller program maybe teach him how to take care of his corporation (diet, recovery, contrast showers etc).

Big boy to be moving that fast! I’m interested to see what shapes up.

What position?