off/pre season supplements

Im a middle distance runner, basically 800m. Any advice on off season or pre season supplements. Im trying to get a base right now doing more cross country type training and lifting 3-4 times a week. any suggestions on supplements: (creatine, glutamine, zma, protien, endurox) if you have any advice on what would benefit the most or if you have other suggestions that would be great

the Z man


with the information that you have given above, i would say that a recovery drink (endurox is fine), protein powder and a good multi vit/min are good choices. also, i wouldnt look at them as pre or off season supplements, but essential parts of an overall program that should be maintained year around.

I’d say similar really. High carb recovery drink, whey protein and multi may all help. Might be best to leave creatine for competition, especially for an 800 runner. You could try ZMA…many sprinters here like it. There are plenty of threads showing strategies regarding intake and timing of these supplements.

I took protein for two years on and off. Is it really as essential as you say. I haven’t touched it in over a year and I’m stronger and faster than i’ve ever been. I think I’m eating better now that I don’t take it. I’ve heard some people say that creatine is essential as well, but I’ve never tried that either.

Extra protein from supplements is not essential but it can help meet daily requirements if sufficient protein from food intake is a problem, and it can also be used to manipulate protein intake and absorption more effectively around training, first thing in a morning and before bed. Creatine supplementation is also not essential but some athletes find it to enhance performance. It is up to the individual to experiment.