Off-ice drills for goalies?

Hey all,

Was wondering if anyone knew of any off-ice drills specifically geared towards goalies?

I am currently playing at a rec level after a long layoff.

I have been playing for about 1.5 seasons again approx. 2 X per week on avg. + weigh training (mostly for power/strength) approx 2-3 times per week (depending on work/school sched.).

What i am looking for is some off-ice drills specifically for goalies to help improve my consistancy on the ice.

If you have any good links or know of any good books or articles please post or PM them to me, it would be greatly appreciated!


Can you juggle? If you want to go somewhere this will help.

A great book for all hockey players is called “Hockey Tough” Give it a read.

I use this with catchers (softball) just to work reaction speed, eye-hand, plus it’s fun. (truth is I stole it from hockey). Have the goalie stand about 10’ from a brick wall. You stand behind him and fire a lacrosse ball at the wall. They can’t see from where or when it’s coming. Increase the difficulty by having them move closer to the wall. They never expect the one that comes from between the legs. Just make sure you don’t hit them in the crotch.


You can also get reaction balls for this. Balls that aren’t round but have welts and stuff sticking out of them making the directions changes very arbitrary.

Find an uneven surface like a stucco wall or a tree with rough bark and throw a ball against it. Catch it or save it with your body and get used to the unpredictable bounces.

I’d train like a shot-putter, lots of med ball work, sprints & tempo.

Thanks for the info guys, one of my friends mentioned the wall/ball drill, haven’t tried it yet but i will (I was hoping to find stuff I could do by myself, as this is when i need the help).

So far i have been doing med ball work (core strength type drills), and i will be designing myself a sprint program in the next few weeks.

I am looking for any plyo drill anyone thinks would work as well.

Thanks again for the replies!