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Kirk Baptiste RIP (bless you Kirk) To his loved ones and family. I am sorry for your loss.

June 20th 1962 - March 24th 2022

200m 19.96 2nd 1984 Olympics, LA. USA

He was a young and talented 200m sprinter from Texas.

Did not know him.

Did you?

I wonder what Carl might tell us about him. They were on the same team in Santa Monica.

I bet he was funny and I bet he was strong and I wonder if he was faster or stronger than Carl? I wonder what his story was? When or where and how things went wrong for him.

Ben just called me to let me know he died.

When you G. him and you view his W. page notice you are able to see who is managing his page and his info.

I would like to know more about him and why he has had such an untimely death.

What a fabulous obit. What a shame he died so young. What a good looking, physical male speciman. Wow!

I loved what Leroy said about him and his comments gives us a bit of an idea who he was. Leroy is a lucky and smart man to have married Michelle Finn. What a smart, talented and hard working athlete.

I believe Leroy and Michelle recently lost one of their children.

" top notch companies like N and Redbag" sponsored the son of the superstar parents Leroy and Michelle.

Does anyone know much about Redbag? and the ingredients? Are we here to talk about products? We are now…LOL only I am not laughing too much right now.

REDBULL is filled with nasty and addictive crap.

I might know something about high level performance and what athletes think they need to do to win.

short story for right now is RIP son of Leroy and Michelle. I would try my hardest and best not to lose myself after the loss of a loved one but a child is an entirely different game of grief. God rest his soul and I will continue to pray and keep this family in my heart.

Check this out because it’s a saying I heard and can’t stop thinking about.

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary thought” Dr. Daniel Amen

( I have a pet interest in neurochemistry, anxiety and premature death specifically how it pertains to athletes and coaches)

Desai and Ben

By spring of 1977, I had 15 people in my sprint group-and my first star, I stumbled upon Desai Williams…

As I watched the newcomer, I was first aware of Desai’s unorthodox running style. He had very large hamstrings and small quads. ( it is usually the other way around). …At first he ran alone, and I did not think that he was going all that fast. It was only after he raced against my other runners that I saw just how well Desai could move. "

Charlie Francis with Jeff Coplon SPEED TRAP ( lester and organ and dennys publishers 1990/ All rights reserved Angela Coon 2022)

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RIP Desai Williams
1988 Olympic 100m finalist of Canada.

I’m very sorry to hear that, Ange. Though I never met Desai, I’ve felt like I’ve known him for 30 years by virtue of Charlie’s vivid description of him in Speed Trap.

I know right Flash?

Mark’s wife Yvette McKoy had a really nice tribute. I did not realize that he was the best man for her and Mark when they got married.

He lived one year more than Charlie. He was 62. Heart health is an interesting thing. Less interesting when one is unaware of all the under laying causes of heart disease.