Obikwelu and Burns in Spain

Did anyone see the Burns and Obikwelu both ran 10.15 in Spain on the weekend? I think those are decent times for both of them at this stage. I understand they are miles off the pace in terms of Bolt and Gay. I would be interested to hear what everyone thinks of those performances though. I want to see Burns come back strong. Who is he training with? I’m sure I’ve asked that before, but his training etc is very hard to find out about I find!

There was a lot of rain in Spain and negative winds. The very next day was sunny and 30°…
Burns came back to his former Trinidadian coach from what i understand.
Burns also ran 10.22 in Tallin with w+2.2 on 3 June but i suppose the conditions were far from ideal there.

I’ve always liked ol Obu. thats pretty good for him with his age an all. Well see how he holds togther.:wink:

Do you have any more information on Bruns PJ? Do you know what his coach is doing with him in Trini?