Obadele and Marion in a 'tie'

Published on: 2/22/07.

OLYMPIC BRONZE MEDALLIST OBADELE THOMPSON is sprinting to the altar on Saturday, with Olympic gold medallist Marion Jones, according to Jones’ website.

And the finish line for the sprinting sweethearts is a small church in North Carolina.

What’s more, according to her website, Jones, one of the fastest women in history with sensational times of 10.65 secs in the 100-metre dash and 21.62 in the 200, is “expecting”.

Her website also states that the ceremony will be private and just family and close friends will be in attendance.

It’s the first time down the aisle for Thompson and the second for Jones, both of whom were stars at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Thompson, who turns 31 next month, broke new ground for Barbados when he won the country’s first medal, a bronze in the 100-metre dash in Sydney.

In April 1996 in El Paso, Texas, he ran the fastest 100 metres race ever. He was clocked at the incredible time of 9.69 seconds. However, it was achieved with the following wind in excess of five metres per second, well over the IAAF legal limit of 2.0, and the mark was not officially recognised.

His fastest legal time in the 100 metres is 9.87, and he ran his personal best in the 200 metres at 19.97 in 2000.

Thompson, a Commonwealth Games bronze medallist, has been reportedly courting Jones since last year. In 2006, the American winner of five medals – three golds and two bronzes – at the Sydney Olympics, visited and trained with him on a brief stay in Barbados.

Jones, who is four months older than Thompson, always marks her victories with the flags from the United States and Belize (the birthplace of her mother). (MK)


Marion will now have 2 legs of a killer infant 4x1.

Wow! That’s news to me!

HAHAHAHA! IF it’s a boy…would be some great rivalry there also…That old “My dad is faster than your dad…” arguments too! :D. Were Tim and Marion married? If they were and I was Tim, I’d be pretty pissed right now…It kinda shows how meaningless the relationship was…(Married again within a short space of time)…and to be pregnant also…whats that about…!? Maybe its the old skool morals and family values I have…

They were never married. Gee, Jason, I hope the ‘old skool’ values don’t lead to a debate on evolution!

Damn she dont waste no time. From the ex to the next. I hope he doesnt do anything illegal. She might divorce him!

what happened to obedele, is he still competing?

Has anyone seen this story anywhere else? It says it’s from her website. what website?

I find it hard to believe myself…

well! she is consided the fastest woman alive. :smiley:

there is a marionjones.net - but i doubt this is her official website. Nothing in there about marriage. she doesnt appear to have her own website anymore… media beat up

delete post

Track and field news website has the title of that article listed on their home page with the word -Hoax? next to it, so they are questioning it as well.

Can’t imagine no one picking it up and the reference to her website, which doesn’t appear to exist, might seal it.

LOL…Now that would be interesting! :wink:

Them being together is old news.

There was one post alledgedly from Ato claiming it was true

Some harsh comments above…
Anyway, it is true!
All the best to them! :slight_smile:

We heard the rumour from the US guys last year but didn’t really paid attention to it as it was only one of out 10000 rumours running in the circuit’s halls.