oatmeal bars

anyone know a recipe to make oatmeal travel friendly? preferably id like to add some protein powder and bake it into a solid and cut them into bars, but i dont want to destroy the protein at high temps…anyone made some before?

Clemson recommended this. Haven’t tried it yet, but it looks pretty good.


Chocolate chips and marshmallows??? That doesn’t sound like Clemson. :confused:

My gorilla biscuits are modified from that very recipe, but I don’t use as much of the “bad stuff” like the chocolate chips and butter. My “mancakes” do use biotest grow but I don’t think the cooking destroys all the protein. Remember nutrition is a shift of good to excellent…not perfect.

I’m not a fan of commercial Protein bars.

However my 2 cents,

For Strength Gaining:
Peakbody make the best protein bars I’ve seen so far with about 50 grms of protein and 13grms of Carbs.

I bought a few, I think they taste far better than any others I’ve tried

They last me forever - as I hardly ever use them.

I always leave 1 or 2 on the glove box of my car for long journeys where I’m stuck for food.

For Nutrition:
Homemade oat bars would be fine - High5 make some real useful tasty one too …

… but remember U can’t beat a hard boiled egg and a banana …

where’s the instruction for those gorilla biscuits and mancakes? i did a search on RL but nothing under gorilla biscuits unless im searching wrong…
also points for the name, try getting a weekend warrior to survive on something called a ‘gorilla biscuit’…haha

If you did a search under “beast mode” you would understand that the 300 pound “little joe” is the RL mascott. Gorilla biscuits is a name of a punk band in the 90s and the name made sense. Mancakes is not up (gorilla biscuits as well) and will be under a post called “Buildfast” (another play on words for breakfast). I have no clue when those posts will be up and it all depends on the readership support.

i mixed up ,
couple cups of oatmeal
couple scoops protein powder
4 egg whites
ground cinnimon
water for consistancy

baked in a muffin tin at 350degrees for 15 min.
came out edible and not too bad…so im satisfied. next time ill throw in some dried fruit