NY women's 100m

With all the excitement in the men’s race, I thought the women’s race was pretty good.

Who are the coaches for Hooker and Campbell?

Felix got an awful start and both Williams and Edwards didn’t look good at all.

Should be interesting to see how everything falls into place

Funny you should ask about Hooker given the points on the other thread but on the usatf site Jon Drummond is listed as her coach.

I think Lance Brauman is or at least was Campbell’s coach.

Another power play?

Possibly. I don’t recall Hooker being at the level of a VC ever…was surprising to see. Interesting to see how she goes into the trials and performs

Hooker had an 06 best of 11.09, 07 best of 11.08 and had run 11.01 in Jamaica earlier this season.