nuts to you . . .

26/07/2006 11:42
Ana Guevara of Mexico, right, runs alongside Hazelann Regis of Grenada during their 400 meters final in the track and field competition of the Central American and Caribbean Games in Cartagena, Colombia, Tuesday, July 25, 2006. Guevara won the gold medal and Regis took the silver.

nuts for real… :eek:

As the saying goes. “YOU’VE COME A LONG WAY BABY!”

the ugliest woman alive in track goodness…runs faster than me tho…

is that a sock in ya pocket or ya just happy to see me!

There’s some competition out there . . .

Maria Mutola wins the 800 in Helsinki 2006

:eek: Don’t you mean Mark Mutola wins the 800 in Helsinki 2006?

shut up and practise your Kapa O Pango :eek:

A great athlete

Competiton for what kitkat …ugliness or nuts?

lol, i’m guessing that he meant both.

This makes this the official sickest page here on CF.

in that case…

Taking off his EMS sticky pads must be a bitch…

I didn’t know the IAAF was doing women’s pin-ups!

Here is my submission. I just remember being at 2001 World Championships when they flashed this athlete’s slo-mo close-up on the big jumbotron screen - the whole stadium made one big collective “GASP” - it was hilarious…


i need to bring some sanity back into this thread… why cant we get back to the good ol days. ah theres nothing like perec and ottey cuddling - oops giving away last night dream there i think. :eek:

Rep points for you nanny69.

Nanny you got your two honeys and I’ve got mine . . .

this guy must be stupid And nuts

New York Giants wide receiver Michael Jennings shows off his mouthful of gold-capped teeth as he arrives at training camp at the University at Albany, N.Y., Thursday, July 27, 2006. The Giants first practice is scheduled for Friday morning. Jennings removes the gold for games