Nutrition- when to take these


I am an expolosive athlete. High jump, long jump and maybe sprints.

I am taking the following right now.

Protein- ON’s- 3 scoops throughout day. 1 morning, 1 after workout, 1 before bed time.

Creatine- Before expolsive activity 5 grams each time

Glutamine- after workout, 5 grams

Glucosomine- Bed time, 1500 mg

EFA(Essential fatty acids)- Bedtime- 1 serving ???

Vit/minerals- morning and minerals after workout and getting dehydrated

I’m thinking of getting some arginine, as I heard this particular amino acid increases blood flow, and many other benifits. But I think I already get a lot of my Amino’s from the protein supps.

Also, what is the reccommended(average) calorie intake for a sprinter? I Have a fast metabolism, and currently I’m at 3000-3200 calories a day- about 150grams of protein, and I weight in at 145 pounds at 8% bf, so I’m sort of thin. I eat pretty healthy. Lots of chicken, egg whites, wheats not much fruits and vegatables though.

Would appreciate advice.

Everything looks fine. However you will need to bump your caloric intake esp. on high intensity days. Id say to around 4000-4500.

Damn, thanx man. No wonder my weight is going down or staying the same. Its hard for me to get more calories through clean food. Any suggestions? Maybe I can add some oatmeals to my protein shake, or add a couple of apples through out the day.

How does your diet look like when you go 4-4500 calories?

Right now I have to try to make 3000, and when I go 3500, I take this protein drink that has 600 calories, but like it has bad stuff, like 100 grams of maltodextrin, which I think is too much for 1 dose.

Its called ABB massive weight gain. I only am going to take it during preseason. 4 scoops has 1200 calories, 50g protein. 150 gram carbs??, I usually take 2 scoops only after a heavy weight training workout.

How do you guys consume so much calories? DO calories play an important role in terms of gaining strength in the weight room?