'Nutrition for Athletes' IOC Guidelines


14 July 2004

The International Olympic Committee and its Medical Commission have launched “Nutrition for Athletes”, a practical guide to eating for health and performance. The guide was prepared by the Medical Commission’s Nutrition Working Group and is based on the International Consensus Conference held at the IOC in Lausanne in June 2003. Coca Cola, an IOC TOP sponsor, has designated Powerade as the IOC’s promotional partner for the booklet.

Here is the downloadable PDF file-


Interesting info.

Interesting. Nice section on post workout fluid, carb and sodium requirements.

Is it just me or do they overemphasize carbohydrates and de-emphasize protein?

Also, I find it surprising that there isn’t a section on fat. :confused:

Thanks for posting this!

Beautiful picture. Charlie will love it!! :smiley: :smiley:

LOL Well it was either that or this one:


Just basic guidelines they are using for younger training athletes and similiar to all of the lectures I sat through in physiology and metabolics in graduate school.

Its strange seeing a pic of Charlie…Over the months seeing the Avtar pic of the guy from Austin Powers I imagined him to ACTUALLY look like that!! :smiley:

Don’t expect authors that have an affiliation with companies producing carbohydrate sport drinks to be recommending protein consumption in any applicable quantity.

Maybe if he shaved his head, he would look more like his avatar!

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