number of meets for peaking

so we’ve all read discussion on 18 races fo asafa peaking. so what about a 15 year old like me? does any type of range of meets need to be done, in order to peak for main competition?
also any idea for tapering and how long?

around a dozen should be fine.
a three day taper before most meets
up to 10days before your Major meet for a taper - if you have the training behind you.

wow i dont think more than 6 is possible for me before my 1st main. the second main, i can reach 12.

the 10 day taper and 3 day taper and the taper basically, i never understood…i read about charlie’s taper video, but didnt understand the concept of a “taper.” Meaning what is exactly tapered, because he continued doing tempo and weights, right? and speed was done every other day.

In my experience with HS aged kids, a 7 day taper works well. I think the higher level athlete, the longer the longer I’d move the taper (out to 10 days of course).

but how exactly is the taper done? for high school aged athletes.

If you follow CF training plan, volume is maintained for a period of time while intensity is increased, then the volume drops going into the taper. I explain to my athlete taper is another term for “peaking.”

Usually 7 days from big meet is a competition. It works out good for most HS schedules as big meets are on Sat or Sundays.

The rest of the taper is explained in more detail in CFTS. CFTS uses a 10 day taper, but through necessity used a 7 day once and it worked well so i’ve stuck with it.

Usually, when training hasn’t taken you too far away from the event speed, 5 to 7 is good for your age for the 100m, 4 to 5 for the 200, 3 to 4 for the 400m.

ok, so still 4 more left. I should get in 9 runs overall including rounds before the main final. Including relays I should get 6+9 in.