Numba56's Training Journal

Just came off of a a coupel injuries, knee, ankle and shoulder because my last workout was way too stressful, so there have been about 3 weeks of inactivity. Ive retooled my regime and over the next three weeks there will be mostly bodyweight GPP things, then Ill add in the rest.

Did the card game with star jumps. I think I picked the rest interval between cards and amount of time for work just perfect(time varies, but at max 10 sec, rest is always 30 sec) because my partner said there was very little variance in my jumps, and all were explosive. I felt very explosive and reactive throughout the drill, but at the end found myself unable to do a proper warm down because all of a sudden my legs felt very wobbly. Oh well, still was a very good workout and I felt good throughout with no ankle or knee pain.

Today my legs are very sore, especiialy in the quads and particularly in the VMO. On a scale of 1-10 quads are 7, VMO 8, Upper half of hamstrings 6.5, glutes 6, hip flexors 6.5. I did the card game today with the exercise being body weight dips, felt good and strong throughout the workout. Hopefully next week I’ll be ready to get back into the weight room to start lifting, because body weight exercises are boring the hell out of me. I also figured for injury prevention I’d not use plyo’s until after my first three weeks and unloading week.

Oh man I’m going to die, soreness has increased unbelievably in all regions, I am hardly able to walk, extreme pain in going up and down stairs, along with legs seem to be wobbling. This prevented me from working out, but I did a lot of walking around today as we had a field trip to DC, dont know if this will help but maybe. I still plan on hitting the gym next week. I’ll tell you though, there’s something to that card game and star jumps.

Wow, still sore, much better than yesterday, but quads are still very sore. Today did the card game with pull-ups. Felt strong through out, but fatigued after, I think this is because I am heavy(217) and I dont think I am particularly strong in my upper back. My sister is a freak just to mention, she maxed out on squat at 345 today, deadlifted 325, and power cleaned 185(bw 175), and is increasingly getting faster and faster. Sick.

Was sick this weekend, still feeling the effects of it today and hope to get in a full workout tomm.

Felt ok today, and slept good so I figured I’d time my 10, 20 and 30m split times.
30-ran twice cuz I thought the first one was slow(4.19 first, then 4.04)
On the 20 and 30 I could feel some wind against me, not sure how much of a difference that made, maybe .01-.02, but who knows. I could feel myself poppin up prematurely on the 30m run. Also think I got tight in the shoulders on the 30m run because I thought no dont pop up, it was just a mess. I found a chart that says my 30m time would translate to a 7 flat 60m, so I think I am starting at a good point speed wise.

Today the track gates were closed so I couldn’t do any running, I think its because of the horrible weather. Its my first day back so I didn’t go as “heavy” as I wanted to, and I didnt do snatches Im going to work on getting my technique back in order as far as those.
CM Jumps-5x3
Snatch Technique Practice w/ Bar-5x3
DE Box Squat(I was going to rack between reps but I feel I get faster and faster w/ each rep so decided not to)-5x3x185
Did the first three as a circuit w/ 2 min between exercises then the last two exercises as a circuit with no rest. Felt really good today, left wanting to do more but I know less is more.

felt awful today so no running or weights, its from lack of sleep, i laid down but couldnt fall alseep, i think its because of how late i had stayed up over break, probably going to workout tommorow.

Today had a football meeting, got chewed out but also got praised. Didnt run because it was freezing outside, I couldn’t stay warm, after the sprint i felt like i completely would cool down on the way back inside to start my rest so only ended up doing two sprints. Also got our “quoatas” for what we are suppose to be able to lift by the end of the summer. Bench 285, Squat 385, Deadlift 445, Power Clean 200. Neither should be a problem as Ive got around 7 months and have almost hit all the numbers before(surpassed both squat and power clean, but I never benched in my workouts nor did I deadlift, so fitting those in should fix the problem).
2x30m from 3 pt start 5 min between

Weight Room
C&P technique-5x3 w/ bar
Box Jumps-5x3 w/ 36 in box

Weights felt light, I think my nervous system is started to get pumped up again.

Felt good today, a little tired though. Stepped up the volume and went heavy today as well since I’ve got fri sat and sun off. Did the power cleans and snatch grip deadlifts in a circuit with 3 min between each
Power Clean-8x3@155
Snatch Grip Deadlift-8x3@225
Plyo-3x3 Depth Jumps from 24in box(1st set low catch, 2nd mid catch, 3rd high) I liked the low reps approach, each one felt great and very explosive.
I know I could have gone heavier, but I wasn’t trying to burn myself out and plus I have a hard time going above a double with heavy weights/explosive exercises, but I like the way triples feel, more than likely will change to doubles though because I am all for quality not quantity(the less is more theory which I believe holds true). The workout felt good, didn’t feel pumped after more a little tired and kind of a “up” sensation as well, but that ok because I have the next three days off. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to add my sprints because the weather will be more permitting.

No school today, sat in traffic for 2 hours and got 5 min walking distance from my house. Today will be spent on recover and flexability as will tommorrow. Sunday will be my day to just rest. I feel very good today, not tired nor drained at all. A little soreness in my traps, shoulders, biceps, and forarms. Legs feel fine, not great but OK. I think the addition of a few short sprints and a small amount of jump roping for agility purposes will be appropriate. Then the next week will be an unloading week weight room wise. The plan is to add a sprint to each session each week until I reach 5 per session(mon acc. up to 30m, tues 20m grass run up to a 20m hill, thurs flying 30-50). I am having trouble of where to place the jump rope. Its very low intensity so I thought possibly after weights or maybe as a warm up to the sprints? Don’t know, I was thinking the initial warm up could be jump roping which would be around ten min, then a couple of skips, bounds, slow build ups and a couple of starts.

Slept ok last night, I think because of school I’m used to getting a deep sleep for about 7.5 hours, waking up, then crashin on the couch later. Recovery went well, got rid of a lot of tightness in my legs, plan to repeat it today then watch my Patriots crush the Titans. oh yeh.

Felt good today, except i felt tired and ok after my nap. No soreness, tightness, or feeling of being “worn out” noted. Going to start a new diet tommorrow, the basic idea being the elimination or complex carbs i think(im not too caught up on the science of diet), so basically no bread, pasta, cereal, etc…mainly dependant of things high in protein and mono/poly unsaturated fat. Diet will consist of lean meat, possibly cheese with one of the servings, nuts, fruit, etc…Back to training tommorow, decided to tweak the workout a little bit with timed sets on the first day and sets of 2 on the second in order to meet hypertrophy goals as well as a different approach to power development(I’m thinking timed sets between 5-10 sec a la CT). Off to bed now, got to get my rest.

Felt ok today, but good after getting through the warm-up, felt fast, was running with our 55m runner and consistently beating him.
3x30m w/ 4 min rest between
Weight Room
Circuit w/ 1.5 min between exercises
Box Jumps-5x3
Snatch Technique-5x3
DE Squat-5x3@185
DE Bench-5x3@135
Aux.-Supersetted and 1 min between sets

Hopefully with a nap and good nights sleep I’ll feel good from the get go tommorow, I like the way the workout is shaping up, I think it fits me well and have decided that until work capacity has risen to leave the timed sets behind and stick with triples for DE exercises.

I know the forum is not a fan of CP, but I’ve read some of his stuff and like it. Felt a little tired today(had so much hw last night, didn’t get to bed as early as i would have liked to or get to take a nap) but all in all session went good.
No track today, normally I do hills but decided to spend my energy in the weight room as thats what the coaches value more.
Weight Room
6x5 BW Dips 3 min recovery
3x(1x5) wave loading Bench Press
6x3 Chin-Ups
Circuit the chin ups and bench with 3 min between, felt good, liked this workout.

Recovery today, feel a little tired, going well though, body fat seems to be coming off little by little, diet possibly working well? I’ll have to see in a few weeks.

Today went well, a little tired, but still a good workout.
5xhills with 5 min recoveries
Weight Room
6x5 DB Flat Bench Press@65lb DB’s
3x(1x5 Wave)added 10 lbs each wave
Standing Cuban Press5x8 @25lbs each DB
The Flat bench press and Standing Cuban press were circuited with about 2 min between each so 4 min between each set for each exercise. Today was my heavy day and it went well. Looking forward to recover tommorow and the long weekend to relax.

Recovery today, work on flexability. Feeling like I got hit hard yesterday, pretty intense, I need my off days now. I have to find out if I can get into the weight room Monday, if not I’ll go to Golds.

Recovery again today, probably a nap, need as much sleep as i can get. Measured myself today because I think inches lost/gain are the best indicator of fat loss/muscle gain along with apearance. Measurements were all done relaxed and arms were done with straigh relaxed arm
Arms-14 inches
Legs-25.5 inches
Stomach(measured around the belly button)-40 inches
I plan to do this every saturday just to see whats up.
In the mirror it is noticable that I have lost some fat, I’m going to credit this to the diet, but hey again I’ll have to see where I am in another two weeks, I think three weeks on a diet will show if it is working. Feel a little bit tired today, got 8 hours of sleep, thats how it normally goes, probably catch an hour to two hour nap.

Rest and watch football, tired still.