NOW Foods Supplements

Was wondering if anyone has used products by this company and what the thoughts on their quality is? I see they have a huge array of products and was thinking of using some, particularly dextrose, maltodextrin and possibly their egg protein.

Any thoughts…

I find their stuff to be very good and well priced. They usually get high marks for quality.

good stuff

Good Stuff

I have used the ZMA and liked it.

One can’t go wrong with Now. They have an extensive variety of products that range from general health and well being to performance support. The quality is pretty good and their pricing is hard to beat.

I’ve used Now’s: ZMA, Arginie, Maltodextrin (real cheap), Bromelain, Fish Oil (liquid and caps) and green tea extract. Liked them all!

Good luck :slight_smile:

I definitely noticed a difference with my lifting when I used their Tyrosine in powder form. Set new PRs by up to 5% maybe more, I’d triple or rep out 4 on what used to be my 2RM, etc.

Can’t positively say it helped my speed, plyos, etc. but I haven’t used it enough before those types of sessions either.

You can get dextrose at wine making shops for pennies