novice 100m sprinter

Require your assistance…!

What kind of weight and body composition should i be looking at reaching?

im 5"9-10 and weigh 10 stone 12 ish…at approximately 10% bodyfat.

Training consists of :

Monday: Upper session weights
Tuesday: Track work
Wednesday:Lower body session
Thursday:Track work
Friday:upper session weights

Diet varies dependant upon activity levels, im keeping at around the 11stone mark whilst increasing strength and body comp. However i do eat at night sometimes during the week, chocolate or cereal keeps me sane 2 times a week.

What would you suggest is the optimal stats etc for me? Or is it so individual a number cannot be placed on it?

I am a complete novice as of one month ago and would like some guidance after recently picking it up after just turning 20 last week.

I was fast in high school, always had the build of a sprinter…

Thanks for any imput.


I think the search function should be used!

I apologise.

When are you getting CNS recovery if you are doing high intensity work every day? You need to combine your weights/speed sessions into one way and other day do tempo.

I dont know stone (not european), you should be at 10% or less body fat percentage, so you’re fine with that. It’s all about strength to mass ratio.