Note from Charlie

The Jane Project Training Camp
This DVD was created to show you the experience of a two week regenerative training camp, complete with all available therapy. I do an assessment on the athlete to determine what approach should be taken in training and how much and what type of work can be tolerated. After the assessment I determine what type of therapy is required and when. During the camp you’ll see the training prescribed and the interaction between athlete and instructor. Among the therapies covered are:
ART (Active Release Therapy):
So many of you have heard about it but probably few have seen it properly done. Dr Mike Prebeg takes you through a complete assessment and two extensive therapy sessions, including contemporary acupuncture. Mike has worked with World Record Holders, Olympic Champions, and World Champions and now you can see the kind of therapy that they rely on to achieve their best results. A lot of people claim to be doing this kind of work, but this is how it should be done and you can judge for yourself whether the treatment you’ve seen or had lives up to this standard.
Dr Mike Forgrave fits Orthotic the way it should be done- with a complete assessment and attention to detail. Once again you’ll have the opportunity to see if the care you’ve experienced lives up. Mike is the only one I use for this work.
I demonstrate and explain different types of massage so you’ll know how and when to do it yourself, or, at least, what to look for from your massage therapist.
In addition, Angela Coon shows Jane core and pool work as well as cooking tips for when she’s on her own at school.

In addition to all the great things the disk provides, buyers of this product will receive a passcode to enter our Jane Project Forum available only to registered owners.


This is a incredible idea. I sent in my order! Hope to see it soon.


Have you shipping rates for Europe yet guys?

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Please contact for the European rates


I just got my copy of the DVD last week. It was awsome! Quick question how do you get the passcode?

I enjoyed the DVD very much also. What is the passcode though? I have many questions regarding the orthotics

What was that orthotics doctor in Richmond and Vancouver again? I had to repost this since the last posts was deleted in the forum crash. I can’t remeber who posted the doctors names?


Here is the summary of the DVD as it appears at our store:

Runtime: 1hour 17minutes The Jane Project is the first in our case study series of products. In this film, Charlie Francis works with a female athlete that has untapped potential for performance, yet is hindered by problems that need to be addressed. Special appearances by Dr.Mike Prebeg and Dr. Mike Forgrave for therapy and orthotics.

I think you were talking to me. Two very good podiatrists in the area of orthotics would be Dr. Sanjay Mehta in Richmond and Dr. Joseph Stern of Vancouver. I have worked with both of them and they make good, biomechanically correct orthotics!