not improving my results?!?

Hi all,
first of all congratulations on the website Charlie and everyone involved.!
I started training 5 years ago, used to play rugby and was invited to run track. However my first year was great but since then i feel that there is something is missing i believe my technique needs a lot of work…
First year: 10.65 (+2.6) 100mts, 60 mts 7.02, 200 mts 22.44.
I have had a lot of injuries but have them less often…
i am 27 years old now and still want to go for some years, preferably improving my results! help!

i train 5-6 times a week, i believe the problem is not the programm, but its something to do with my technical aspects which are not phocused at all. For example the running up an down feeling: never felt it; the fact that your foot during the recovery period has to pass above the knee (i was never told that before i read in the post) ; relaxation, i knew about this but never gave it too much importance, i always tried to strain my self until the finish line. These are some of the info i read here i am sure there much more than this…

  1. See a chiropractor to correct any problems etc
  2. See a podiatrist to check your feet , shoes etc
  3. Find a sprinting coach at a local college or university, let him see you run a couple of times, he can then start correcting the basic things
  4. Gym programme, get a gym programme that focuses on sprinting related strength
  5. Its only your first year, dont expect miracles, your body is used to a different sport, you cant change say 10 years in 1 year, most sprinters bomb out because of one of the most important parts of sprinting - mental attitude!

1 & 2 are just to make sure
3 & 4 are the most important

The list of important things in sprinting - 1)Genetics 2) Hard Work 3) Coach & 4)Mental Strength!
If you dont have all of them together, there`s no real point.

Also don`t worry too much about your age, most sprinters hit there peak 29 to 32!!

Also if you can post your workout, it will help alot!


you quitting rugby? :wink: Anyway, as a rugby player doing sprinting for fitness & speed, i had to change my thinking, you need to hit the gym twice as hard, working on your core stability using swiss balls every two days, for eg monday - track , tuesday - gym, wednesday - uphill grass 60m sprints , thursday - gym, friday - uphill 30 to 100m road training, saturday - relaxing swim etc, are you planning on doing rugby & sprinting by any chance?

thanks lebeau, but this is my fifth year, i have a gym programme, I train hard, i havent had injuries lately, my main problem is i am sure that i am not applying my sprinting capabilies correct…


We need some more information, such as your progressions in 60,100, & 200m sprints over the last 5 years. Also as zoom100 mentioned post some training sessions. eg 1 microcycle (1 week) out of your general, specific & comp phases.

You also mentioned that you have had a lot of injuries in the past. Was that from sprinting or rugby? What are your recovery/regeneration methods between sessions?


the only progression i made was in the 60mts » 6.95 (3rd year). Injuries were from track, possibly because iwas not used to the amount of training and wrong technique. I really don´t have much orientation for recovery&regeneration.

here is a programme:
Mond: Gym
Tuesd: plyometrics, 10x100 mts (70%) 2 min rest
Wed: Gym
Thursd: 12x 30mts technical speed work
Friday: Gym
Saturday: 300, 250, 200, 150 (75%), 4 min recov


Its hard to comment on your technique without seeing you run. However we can comment on your program, but still need a few questions answered.

What time of the year is this program?
What gym exercises, reps, sets are you doing?
What plyometric exercises are you doing?
Have you read “training for speed” yet?

If all your training elements are in place you can improve your 100m times. There are plenty of posts on this site that may help you. The general training program on this forum is.

Day 1: cns
Day 2: tempo
Day 3: cns
Day 4: tempo
Day 5: cns
Day 6: tempo
Day 7: rest

cns = sprints(95-100%), med ball, plyos, weights.

Sprints (95-100%). 2speed to 1 speed end. per week. Recoveries are long 4-25min. The longer the distance the longer you rest.

accel. 0-30m.
top speed. 30-60m
speed end. 60-200m

tempo = runs(60-75%) 1000-2000m broken up into 100-300m intervals on grass or circuits, or pool tempo.

This is a general outline. Hope that helps, but read up on posts, especially archives.


thanks guys for the replies !