wondering what everyones thoughts are on these…

i have an dutch training partner who swears by them.
im interested in trying out Phenibut and maybe Sulbutiamine.
everything else in my programme is coming together
but being a student, a powerlifter and a chef it tends to wear my brain a little thin

just need to investigate the legalities of purchasing them, im told that there is no danger in that regard.

Do a search in the archives. This has been discussed several times before.

spend you money elsewhere…very limited and very non-ergogenic.

No scientific proof. Just the good old placebo effect.

Try Vitalsye or Neuroflow as alternatives

Piracetam is a nootropic like supplement. Why do you have it in the pre-workout blend you posted before Clemson? Regardless if one experiences ergogenic effects from them, I would recommend them to students for focus related activites (reading,studying, etc). I really react nicely with ALCAR and Piracetam. Try them out. They are rather cheap (imo). Go from BSL is a good start for those who have never tried them. But if your looking for another ergogenic aid, look elsewhere.

No research about these? Come on, take a few searches at pubmed and you’ll find plenty of info.

Phenibut is more like a drug similar to alcohol:

and silbutramine (meridia) is a diet drug.

However, real nootropics like piracetam are great. Combine Acetyl-l-carnitine, piracetam, and lecithin (or any source of choline) and see how much more mentally alert and smart you get within 2 weeks.

We have been using a transdermal system for a while during sleep…fantastic results. It’s not cheap but helps against CNS overtraining. Good points kellyb.

Care to elaborate?

make sure whatever you’re doing isn’t banned or you’ll have a ‘long sporting vacation’!!

I completely agree.

I believe piracetam has recently been banned, but someone will need to double check that. However, I assume it’s classified as a stimulant, so it would only be subject to competition testing. Then again, we don’t know it’s clearence time either. Be careful.

The ban on gene doping is my favorite. How avante guard of them.