Noob Question, L-Glutamine = Glutamine?

As the thread title says. Noob I know but just a yes no answer will do :stuck_out_tongue:


Well as far as I know most amino acids have a L- and a D- configuration. The L- stands for “Levo” and means that when it is put in solution it will polorise light to the Left. D (Dextro) does it to the Right.

In technical jargon: levo means that the groups at the lowest numbered asymmetric carbon atom is placed at the left of the molecular structure of the amino acid.

When it says Glutamin it probably just means L-Glutamine unless it says peptide or something else but I’ll let the nutrition boffins follow up this question.

yes. to keep it simple, I have never seen any glutamine on the market other than l-glutamine.

Actually… I use D-Glutamine and the results I’ve found are nothing short of spectacular. I used to use L-glutamine thinking that it was the same thing. Boy was I wrong! I set new pr’s in every race since switching to D-glutamine. I couldn’t believe it!

Obviously I’m full of sh*t, L-glutamine is the only product available.

You had me going for a minute…

Lol I actually believed you for a sec. Man Im a noob :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Thanks people

There is a difference however between L-carnitine and DL-Carnitine isn’t there?