Noni Juice

I am going on this product called Noni Juice. I was wondering if anybody here had tried it, or knows about it.

Here is a link to a group that offers, or just search for noni juice on google.

Terrel Owens gave big credit to this product and God for being able to play in the Super Bowl
Grant Hill Just started using it before this basketball season and has been finally healthy.

What do you guys think?

how much does this cost. I want to try it.

i know some people that have had serious health problems that swear by goji juice. does any of this stuff really work, i have no idea. i do know its all very expensive.

My question is where are the adaptogens?

I am part Hawaiian and have some access to cultural info about herbal, indigenous, food, plants etc and am surrounded by noni trees.
The best kept secret here and elsewhere is that noni is a controversial substance that might be more toxic than healthful in any application.
One of the greatest herbalist/healers,the late Henry Auwae wouldnt touch it with a ten foot pole. It was used of old as a toxin to poison fish in rivers. He had seen too many damaging evidences of its use on humans.
I think it may be useful as a toxin to fight fire with fire (in cancer), but wont get caught up in the mass market hype.
There are other cultural icons who have promoted noni, but none that I know of who havent had a material interest in it.$$$.


I actually first saw Noni for sale when I was in Hawaii in 99’.

The guy at the store said it did pretty much everything under the sun.

You really have to watch for these companies that take something that’s grown in certain areas of the world, control the market then pump all this information about how amazing it is.

I love natural foods and supplements. I used to work at a health food store. One thing I can tell you is that there are certain things our body needs to live (air, water, minerals, Omega fatty acids, some essential amino acids and some vitamins) and that’s all we need to survive. Anything else is just should be used to pick up the slack for things you’re not getting from foods.

For example, on Vancouver island the soil is very low in Selenium so if you’re only eating local foods, there’s a good possibility that you’re lacking in Selenium.

If you really think Terrel Owens feels that this is the stuff that brought him back to health so soon then by all means give it a try. But for my honest opinion, I’d say to save your money.

I have seeing different prices with different companies. From that site it is $75 for a 2 month supply. I have seing it for less at other spots.

Also I do know from meeting with a guy from Enliven board that they put over 35 million dallors worth of research into this product.

I am also Hawaiian, i believe the noni is a Tahitian substance, and I agree with Joesdad.
I did try some once , and nothing. Its probably hype.


I am also Hawaiian, and I tried noni a couple of times and nothing. I think its from Tahiti. And its probably more hype than anything else.

Noni has so few legitimate studies to support its use that it amazes me that the stuff has lasted. Plus since it is horrible tasting, they usually dilute it with other juices.

Goji is lycium berries. Good stuff and the Chinese have used it for enhancing vision, as part of anti-aging formulas and immune fortifying. You can get the berries in any Asian grocery store. They should be a dull red, not bright.

Noni juice, A friend of mine was selling it actually here in Toronto. His uncle swore by it when his health was not so good. I had the chance to go to one of the meeting that the buisness holds and from what I understood it was one huge pyramid scam.

I have taken it and not seen any side effects bad or good. I am not too sure exactly what it is beneficial for

Toronto, I have heard of a popular seller there. Have you heard of Joe Eigo? Distributor and swears to Noni, lives in Toronto.

What exactly is this stuff supposed to do for you?


I’m betting all results people experience are the “placebo” effect. This stuff only works if you believe it will :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as what it does, I think a better question is, what don’t they claim it can do?