non-level squat surface for subtalar ankle eversion

My 11 yo’s ankle have a slight subtalar eversion. They’re not as bad as they were due to orthotics and exercise but there is still some eversion. I was wondering about squatting on a platform that would induce slight subtalar inversion in an effort to stretch and tighten in the appropriate directions. Are there reasons to not do this or better ways to accomplish this goal? Thanks

My daughter has foot/ankle problems too. A good QUALITY orthotic (not too stiff and not too much over correction) is the way to go. I think if you change the foot position while squating you might mess up something some where else along the kinetic chain. Also, the bones at that age are pretty soft still. If you keep doing the right training and have a quality chiropractor monitor things, and have good orthotics , you should see some improvements.

Hope that helps!

I would contact Eric Cressey immediately.

Old Hungarian proverb:

One ass can’t ride two donkeys.

In other words, don’t try to develop strength through squats while trying to correct a mechanical problem with an inversion wedge. Some eversion is acceptable.

You’re over-thinking the whole situation. You may get some improvement with strengthening the feet. You may get your most improvement by getting the gluteals to fire more.

Hope those squats are textbook perfect before putting any weight on that young ladies back.