Non Banned Supplements in Berlin

I’d be interested to hear any thoughts on what the hot supplements are for athletes heading into World Champs.

I remember hearing about creatine in 1992 and after Barcelona, it exploded. Anything similar this time around?

Most products that get pushed are for someone’s gain and have little to do with performance. You need to read all you can and try what seems reasonable. Start with a good diet, multi-vits and then go from there.

Well, if there is hype, keep yourself from buying and see if it is still as popular in 1-2 years. Unless it is legitimate, you will probably see little promotion of it. Creatine, on the other hand, is still pimped in various forms because it works. You can say the same for caffeine and various other things like that.

as a straight out product, i found musclespeed to be a terrific stimulant (lasting effects for up to 4-5 hours) and although main effect comes from the caffeine, the other stuff in it does give a better effect than simply a cup or two of coffee.