No poll who'll take the Euro 60m sprint crown?

Especially as there is Pognon’s trainer on this board - I’d like to see the members bets - who will make it?

Pognon, Pickering, Gardener, how good is the young German Champion Blum under pressure?

Afaik no other European broke 6.60 this season - any surprise winner?

BTW: what happened to Yepishin?

Final Entries Men

Order by Season Best (SB), Subject to final confirmation at the Technical Meeting in Birmingham (max. 3 athletes per nation and event)

60 m

Country Name Firstname SB PB

FRA POGNON Ronald 6.55i 6.45i
GBR PICKERING Craig 6.55i 6.55i
GBR GARDENER Jason 6.57i 6.46i
GER BLUM Christian 6.59i 6.59i
RUS YEGORYCHEV Mikhail 6.60i 6.58i
GBR WILLIAMSON Simeon 6.60i 6.60i
FIN RUOSTEKIVI Jarkko 6.61i 6.61i
ITA COLLIO Simone 6.62i 6.58i
GER OSTWALD Ronny 6.62i 6.59i
ITA DONATI Massimiliano 6.62i 6.62i
IRL HESSION Paul 6.63i 6.63i
POL CHYLA Lukasz 6.64i 6.56i
GBR SCOTT Ryan 6.64i 6.64i
SLO OSOVNIKAR Matic 6.66i 6.58i
ESP RODRÍGUEZ Ángel David 6.66i 6.66i
ITA CERUTTI Fabio 6.66i 6.66i
SUI BAUMANN Andreas 6.70i 6.67i
FIN SALONEN Timo 6.70i 6.70i
HUN NÉMETH Gergely 6.70i 6.70i
RUS GOSTEV Igor 6.71i 6.65i
FIN TRAN Nghi 6.71i 6.70i
ESP MOCHOLÍ Iván 6.73i 6.68i
EST NIIT Marek 6.73i 6.73i
NOR RYPDAL Martin 6.73i 6.73i
HUN SZEBENY Miklós 6.76i 6.76i
NOR JOHNSEN Henrik 6.80i 6.80i
MLT GILFORD Darren 6.93i 6.76i
GIB CARROLL Dominic 7.02 7.02

LAT OLIJAR Stanislav 6.70i
FRA M’BANJOCK Martial 6.96i
MON GATTUSO Sébastien 7.03i

GB 1-2 Gardener and Pickering

Fasuba Pickering

It’s all about Dominic Carroll.

Nigeria is not in Europe

Gardener, Pognon in the medals.
I’ll risk it for the sake of it and to piss off some people here :smiley: Blum one of the medals, Pickering fourth.

Shoot me! :stuck_out_tongue:

PS What about women’s?

Really? - Blum is very young and has no international experience, yet. But maybe he has stronger nerves than one would think.
He looks so skinny, he’ll look a way beside the big guys. But I hope the best for him and wish him a medal. But I still stay with the paper form and believe:


OK, and that’s the girls entry list - can anyone in Europe beat Gavaert? There’s Naimova, another girl from Bulgaria who goes off like a rocket within a few months - from one season to the other :-0

Final Entries Women
60 m

Country Name Firstname SB PB
BUL NAIMOVA Tezdzhan 7.13i 7.13i
BEL GEVAERT Kim 7.15i 7.11i
RUS POLYAKOVA Yevgeniya 7.16i 7.16i
RUS KISLOVA Marina 7.18i 7.08i
GRE THÁNOU Ekateríni 7.22i 6.96i
GER SCHIELKE Sina 7.22i 7.19i
RUS GUSHCHINA Yuliya 7.24i 7.24i
SWE KALLUR Susanna 7.25i 7.25i
GBR KWAKYE Jeanette 7.26i 7.20i
BUL KHRISTOVA Magdalena 7.26i 7.26i
FIN MANNINEN Johanna 7.27i 7.22i
GER SAILER Verena 7.27i 7.27i
POL ONYSKO Daria 7.28i 7.26i
SLO OTTEY Merlene 7.30i 6.96i
AUT MÜLLER-WEISSINA Bettina 7.30i 7.25i
GBR MADUAKA Joice 7.31i 7.19i
ITA GRAGLIA Daniela 7.31i 7.31i
ITA PISTONE Anita 7.31i 7.31i
LTU GRINCIKAITE Lina 7.31i 7.31i
UKR SHTANHYEYEVA Iryna 7.32i 7.24i
POL DYDO Dorota 7.32i 7.32i
GRE KOKLÓNI Yeoryía 7.33i 7.14i
GBR DOUGLAS Montell 7.33i 7.33i
FIN RANTA Ilona 7.34i 7.34i
IRL BOYLE Anna 7.36i 7.32i
NOR OKPARAEBO Ezinne 7.36i 7.36i
FIN KESKITALO Sari 7.37i 7.37i
ESP RECIO Belén 7.39i 7.38i
SUI WEYERMANN Fabienne 7.39i 7.39i
POR TAVARES Sónia 7.40i 7.40i
SLO TAJNIKAR Pia 7.40i 7.40i
SLO KOVACIC Nina 7.41i 7.41i
LAT GRAVA Zanda 7.50i 7.50i
MLT ATTARD Charlene 7.66 7.76i
MLT BORG Diane 7.71 7.71

I don’t know, I just wanted to provoke some predictions, but it seems only the two of us have this ability… :cool:

Well with only 3 Europeans under 6.60 this year “the world” is probably not so interested in the Euro Champs’ 60m “showdown”. :wink:

High time Pierrejean get’s Fasuba a French passport (to prove Charlie wrong…) :wink:

Hello Nikoluski and AUT 71.I am going to join in your game and predict 1. Gardener 2.Pickering and 3. Pognon. However Jasons wife expecting a baby this weekend could provide a distraction !

Pickering for the win :wink:

1)Pickering, 2)Pognon, could go either way.


Pickering has my vote!

Hm, I wasn’t aware of that. With Jason probably being distraced, Pickering maybe runnig faster in the heats than in the final again and Ronald probably not in top form we could see medals for GER and RUS as well. 3 clear favourites, but still very hard to guess…

Anyhow: Link to the live-results:

Pickering, Gardener, Pognon and Blum all won their Heats. Only surprise comes from IRL :wink:

Yessssss PB for Dominic Carroll

I call Pognon via devastation.

Jason gardner looked best in the heats.

1 Pickering, 2 Pognon, 2 Gardener