no newb section so this will have to do

what are running a’s ??

i know im going to kill myself when i find out

High knees over a distance interval, done for strength endurance. Please don’t kill yourself. :wink:

cheers! have done em b4 but didn’t know what they were called.

I don’t think they have to be used specifically for strength endurance. They can be used for shorter distances of say 10-15m as part of a warm-up for a speed session or competition.

and the obvious award goes to…

I guess it was not obvious to someone. The guy indicates he does not know, asks a question and you state that it is done for strength endurance. I wanted him to know, in case he did not(since he was originally looking to post in the newbie section-if there had been one)know already, that it could be used with other types of sprint training-not just strength endurance.


:wink: cheers