No more rep points?

Have you guys stopped using the rep points, not that i care, but my points havent moved for along time now, i thought they moved each time you post, its been stuck at 5205 points for probably a month or so now maybe longer i havent paid attention to it really.

They stopped because…

you suck.

No, seriously, I don’t know. Just trying to be funny. Check again (because I just gave you some).

Ya goto give Rep points or be given rep points… check out the Top right hand corner, there is a picture of a old set of scales, click on that for the person you want to give rep too in that persons Box.

Thanx, yea that worked, but i’m talking about like individual points, like on the user cp, dont you usually get points for each post and what not, when daniel repped me the points changed for the first time, but i thougth they usually changed for each time you post, maybe i’m wrong?

I mean its not a big deal, it really doesnt matter, but i was just wondering.

mmmm, i think perhaps just above the rep points is Post count. Perhaps you got confused on that number? maybe? I aint looked at the rep counter in ages, or post counter. Now you got me a lookin!

Nay, i’m lookin at the thing in user cp, i understand the rep thing under the post count doesnt change all the time, i’m talking about in user cp where there is rep points, its like a couple thousand and it used to change for me like everytime there was a post, but recently it hasnt, i just notice it when i check my subscribed to threads and stuff, but like i said its not a big deal, i just noticed it so i said it.

The rep points manager is just there to tell you who left ‘comments’ when they awarded you rep points in your userCP.