i tried the NIKE Free 5.0 and 4.0. Its really like going barfoot…
What do you think about it?
I plan to do my tempos(75%) with it and warm-ups.

Is this a good idea? I cant see probs with doing this all barfoot…

And i m not sure i should take the 5.0(which are " a lil bit" on the foot) or 4.0(which are just “nothing” on the foot)…

Good idea, but you might be exposing yourself to a greater risk of getting shin splints according to the type of surface that you train on…

I hate thos shoes. The back of my shoe ripped apart, and my legs were sore from them damn shoes, even when i ran on grass. I need shoes with more cushion. I quess they are good for long distance runners but not sprinters.

another possibility could be that your have just weak foot-muscles…

well, that a good and improtant point.

I had probs with my shins some times. I think running on gras is a good idea for that.

The question is what happens, if training tempos on the track.

I m not sure, if my shins could benefit from stronger foot muscles, when running “barfoot”.

Any experiences?

I have Nike Frees and really like them for the times that I can’t run barefoot (either becase it is too cold or because I can’t find a nice patch of grass to run on.)

As far as shin splints, you can use the Frees to run on grass as well and the advantage is that you can run n fields that may have hazards such as twigs or even glass.

If you use them on harder surfaces, be careful of shin splints. At the first sign, stop and take care of them. In the long run, having stronger feet should help prevent shin splints.

I love these shoes. I wear a pair at work also. I now can’t go back to regular shoes.

So, to conclude: tempos on the track should be introduced slowly so that i avoid getting shin splints.

Another question in general: doing all tempos barfoot - is this a good idea?

I was just at the store and I see that there is a couple new free versions, including the 7.0 .
This looks pretty cool. Also, I would get the 5.0 over the 4.0

I use the Nike Free Trainer 5.0, and Ive used them for my football training and I like them. I never had any problems with them. They weigh ~.5lbs each.

I have the 5.0s as well. Excellent for light stuff like tempo and what not, but I wouldnt try anything too demanding in them. I tried standing long jump in them and ripped the backs of both of them on consecutive jumps. Also as you can tell there is little stability on them so thats the only other negative.

Everyone ripped the backs off of them. My stupid self played tennis in them and they blew out like a car tire when I planted from a long running shot. I got the crosstrainers last week for that reason and I don’t like them as much. They seem cheaper.

The backs on the 7.0 are much better and seem like they will last!

I found the old 4.0 trainers to be the best, they are as flexible as the runners, but have some support. I’ve done jumping and bounding in them without problems.

4.0 runners have the least support and are flimsy, wouldn’t even running @80% in a straight line in those.

I don’t warm up in Free’s on the track, they’ll wear down too fast.

From what I can see with the 2nd gen free’s, they look more durable.


but what do you think about doing tempos barfoot in general?

I do tempo barefoot whenever possible. IMO, this is the best way to do them.

What’s your progression -if any- on starting these, xlr8?

No progression as such…I simply do my tempo barefoot. Tempo stays fairly constant throughout the season.

I agree, Im able to do the speed and agility drills for football with these. I had a first pair of these but they tore at the front and I was lucky enough to get a second pair. But Ive had no tear whatsoever with my second pair and Ive been doing the speed and agility drills for football with these the whole summer this year.

I think so. But you need to do it slowly. Give your feet (and in fact your whole body) time to adapt to the stresses of running barefoot. So you can start by doing only a little bit of your workout barefoot and then progress to eventually doing the entire workout barefoot (obviously if you’ve got a good patch of grass or even track to do it on) . Just take it slowly.

The one thing I’ve learnt from this sport is that in order to perform at your best it takes time for your body to adapt.

Good thread though. :).

I Think The Nike Frees Are Your Best Bet For Lifting As Well As Chuck Taylors Althou I Personally Perfer The Frees Also Great For The Warm-ups And Cool Down Periods.