nike coaches workshop?

anyone ever been to one of these nike coaches workshop? this is one not far from me in july and its $370. i dunno if that is good or not. i never been to a seminar or anything like this before so im wondering what it is like and if it is really worth it… check out page 21 i believe on the brochure…

also what other seminars or workshops are worth attending?
preferably in new york new jersey or somewhere in the northeast…

you can follow the link at my website. Let me know if you need any answers. Be sure to start making arrangements to get here, and start sending in your applications. this one is going to fill up!!!

i wish i could attend… unfortunatly i just completed level 1! and plan to do level 2 in 2 years after i graduate.

but do you think that since i havent taken classes yet such as biomeachanics ex.phys and neuromuscular and cardiovascular adaptation i wont be lost. i mean i been reading numerous books and i feel i am pretty knowledgeable about various topics. i just want to make sure i dont go to take level 2 and be in over my head.

Do you know who is leading the Level III group?

Quickazhell, I also took my level 2 while I was in college, and believe me you won’t be in over your head. I think this board is all the prep you need.

If you have actively participated in this board, you have ample background to do level II.

My guess is that you would enjoy the experience.

You cant take L2 without a Level 1 first.

You can attend any L3 at anytime but it wont count for L3 certification unless you have a L2 first.

Looking forward to meeting Clemson and the presenters are on the USATF website under Coaches, then Coaching Education