nightmare in copenhagen

question for the forum:

im looking for input/information about copenhagen denmark. i have done the basic searches via internet but i am looking for first hand quality information from someone in “our field/lifestyle” rather than tourist information from a government produced website.

i am giving some thought about making a move sometime in the next year and im am starting my very preliminary research on copenhagen but more specifically what the professional opportunities (as a personal trainer/nutritional consulting, rolfer/deep tissue massage therapist), lifestyle and general training conditions.

any input would help out either via this thread or my email “bobkwasny at”

thanks in advance


They don’t have an indoor track… I know that much. They ran their indoor nationals in Sweden not long ago.

Sorry this is all I know about Denmark’s training opportunities :cool:


I spent a week there this time last year (Brrrrr - cold).

A very nice city, loveley people and wonderful history, palaces etc.

Sadly I can’t even tell you what the inside of a Danish gym looks like - I took a real vacation!!!