NFL's Fastest Man Competition

ESPN showed the NFL skills contest, including the NFL’s Fastest Man contest, on Saturday Feb. 12th.

The highlight for me was Darrell Green. At 45 he played in the Legends Game and ran everyone else into the ground. Then for an encore he ran in the NFL’s Fastest Man contest. He did not win but more than held his own against some of the fastest guys in the league.

ESPN showed a montage of Darrell Green clips, including him running down Tony Dorsett in the open field, and beating Willie Gault, a 1984 Olympian, in a 60 yard dash (electronic time of 6.1!)

It was most impressive. He was old enough to be the father of some of the guys he ran against. Probably back in the day he could have contended for a gold medal, if he wanted to take a paycut. :slight_smile:

This year’s winner was Rossum, the kick returner from the Falcons, who won because Michale Vick didn’t enter. Although Rossum is short and Vick might have had to play catch up!

There was no electronic timing, but I got Rossum in a 4.3. That probably means he ran about a 4.5 or so from the start command. Pretty swift! Rossum also did a little Ben Johnson thing at the line, throwing one fist into the air.

La’Roi Glover of the YOUR Dallas Cowboys won the Strong Man competition. He bench pressed 225x32 times!

Yeah, when I saw Rossum’s little fist pump thing as he crossed the line I immediately thought of Ben Johnson.

I am amazed that anyone could lift 225 pounds that many times.

I have seen 40 reps with Kenyatta Jones from USF. Not bad at all! 225 for 5 is me!

Yeah, I did 225 for 3 or 4 once. Of COurse my max bench is only 265. That doesn’t sound like much, but when compared to my squat I am Dave Tate. The mos tI have ever squatted is 225. I think this may have something to do with why my best 40 is only 5.0. LOL

one time i did 40 pushups.

In 1987, the TAC 60y championship went in 6.04 and the NFL 60y dash in the same meet in 6.09! that was by Darrel Green.

didnt two guys last year put it up forty plus Igor cant spell his last name went to the the University of Oregon(he was drafted by the Chargers) put it up 42 I think and then Isaac Sapooga (I think that is wrong too)at his pro day work out he was going to beat Igors mark so he gets under the weight and begins to bang themout the scouts are amazed so then he gets to 41 and racks it the scouts looks at him and are amazed he didnt realize that Igor did it 42 not 40 and he stopped and still had plenty of gas in the tank Isaac was drafted by the 49ers
PS Anybody remember when Earnest Byner use to kick lineman butts at that competition they use to have on NBC

Unbelievable. Didn’t Rocket Ismail run a similar time once?

Darrell Green, had he wished to take a slight paycut :smiley: , doubtless could have competed for a gold medal.

What did Ben run the 60 yards in? Did he ever run it?

LOL! Once I did 40 deep-knee bends.

I spoke with Joe Defranco last week and he informed me that he is currently working with a full back from (Oregon I think) to prepare him for the NFL combine.

Joe witnessed the kid hit 40 repetitions with 225. Joe told me they are implementing a program to try and get him to hit 50 reps at the combine and break the record.

If he is successful Joe said he would be happy to have me post the program on my site. So stay tuned.

no sure about all these bum off the bench, chest bouncing, partial reps…

50 reps is huge. props to Defranco if he lets you post the program. i’m going to take a guess…

2 bench days:
day 1 - max effort day (rotating exercises every week)

day 2 - 225lb. day (if he does clusters, depletion work, or some sort of combo i’m not sure)

am i close?

Ha are you saying you could hit 30+ reps as well?

I can do about 10+ clean, controlled full reps I think, with a 14 inch grip, no leg drive and flat back. I haven’t done a rep out with 225 in a while. It goes up as I get stronger, I don’t really train for reps :slight_smile:

if they did the reps the same way, I’m pretty sure they would 10 reps down at the very least…

I’ve done 225x20 at 155 pounds body weight this past summer in case anyone cares. :o
Not trying to brag or anything.

Hey, I’d brag if I could do that!

Coool! Keep us informed, and start a thread! Thanks.

Most I ever got was 18x225 but then again that was about 4 years ago when I stopped doing bodybuilding/strength training and just focused on strength! (I didn’t know I was doing bodybuilding routines at the time!).

The test of 40+ reps at 225lb is the stupidest test I ever heard of! If I wanted to I could easily hit 20+ reps if I trained for it! With the special assitance most NFL players use I could easily hit 30+ reps although I have never wanted any special assitance.

A better test would be the 1RM in bench, squat, and deadlift!

I doubt vick would have won. Rossum had the fasstest time in the nation coming out of highschool 10.1 or something like that. Adn dont forget about bennet from the vikings 9.9 fat in college