NFL Lockout Update: Chris Johnson Wants to Run Track?

Myself, along with a few others including Speedcoach were talking about who is the fastest in the league. My guess was Mike Wallace, some said Jamaal Charles, Devin Hester, also Dominic Rogers-Cromartie, Desean Jackson. Chris Johnson is fast but not fast enough to run track

dont forget trindon holiday, jacoby ford and cj spiller, but in the end none of them are fast enough…i hope he does run so america will be able to see what real speed is and shut cj and espn up.

It’s hard to argue against Jacoby.

Your right. I guess the moral of the story is that they all ran track. Chris Johnson didnt (if im not mistaking)

chris johnson said he could beat bolt in a 50


chris johnson said he could beat bolt in a 50


chris johnson did run track and ive seen times from 10.38 to lots of 10.6’s

Dix gave johnson da business in the state 100m.

I wonder if he thinks he can beat dix now.

And the 200m.

How about Johnny Knox?. 4.25 at the 2009 combine.


If the boys mentioned in this thread dedicated to track I reckon they would go far.

Brings back memories of that Russian guy that was on here who bullshitted he could beat Bolt in a 40 dash.

50m?. 40yds?. 100m will always be the coveted race.

Too much bravado with guys outside track who believe they can hang with the real speedsters.

My bad. Looks like he had a good 60 meter time also. Granted 10.38 is no slouch time either