NFL Combine Training

What are your thoughts about NFL Combine athletes wanting to making gains in there 40 yd dash times and their bench concurrently??
Does an emphasis has to be put on either speed or on strength???
Will working to make gains in both at the same time lead to mediocre results for both??? CNS fatique???
Any of your thought would be appreeciated.

Visit and read the 40-yard dash articles and bench press articles. From there, you may also want to consider: (check out his combine training dvd)

You can and should be able to make gains in both. While they are both demanding on the CNS, the CNS stimulation from performing one of them should help with the other.

Prioritize one or the other and do that first on a given training day, then do the other one coupled with any other high intensity elements. Then on the next day, do tempo / recovery work. Rinse and repeat (while appropriately modulating the volume and intensity.)

I was concerned with the fatigue of the CNS affecting both. By doing speed work one day
and heavy bench work the other, I wasn’t sure if this would be effective. I was thinking that heavy strength work done early, then shifting to a program designed for speed later. I know that some coaches might be limited by the amount of time that they have an athlete for.

I agree that if you stayed on a program ofL

day 1: speed
day 2: max bench

then you would likely fry your CNS over time. I would do them both on the same day and rest on the days between.

No problem with focusing on strength first and then shifting to a focus on speed, but keep some speed work in the strength block and some strength work in the speed block.

Thanks for the response.

I know with speed training, 2 high intensity days sometimes works better than 3. I wasn’t sure how that 3rd high intensity day(heavy bench) would affect the CNS.