Next GPP phase and what DVD should I buy?


I’m doing the L-S program from the Vancouver series.

My question is; after I finish the 12 weeks I DON’T know how to schedule my workouts after the program is over! So, is there some kind of continuation program that I can buy online here??

BTW, now live in the east coast so I think I can race up until Sept/October for the outdoor season which leads to another question; when should I schedule my next GPP phase?

To answer my own question, I was looking at the Master set E book compilation and one if the categories was Training Plans over the long term; so would this fulfill my needs? Is that a detailed plan??

You can get the SPP lecture series download. It tells you how to work backwards according to your race schedule to set it up. Chances are your next GPP will be short unless you start racing very late.