New Website New Format coming soon

Hello Anyone reading this note now.

I am excited to let you know that in honor of being online without advertising since 2000, is here to stay and updating it’s look, function and mission moving ahead.

Times have changed since Charlie and I started this site. The world has changed and I have changed and I am looking forward change. I am moving ahead as one of the most influential spots for speed training for coaches, athletes and interested speed demons: with gratitude and appreciation for all of you. We are nothing without our members, readers and supporters. Thank you.

The most important idea to share right now is I will be updating you, your memberships and how the site functions.

Thank you, stay cool and perform as you wish and do so with respect to your body, mind and those you love and care about. ( what goes around, comes around? yes? no? Who decides? )

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The new site looks amazing.

I am the only reason it has not happened yet.

Do unto others as we want others to do unto us ( I know how to do this now)

Be kind. ( Mostly I have practiced kindness but I have had excess anger which stands in the way of kindness sometimes)

Practice empathy ( I have not been great at this part until experiencing loss and grief for the first time in a large way)

Practice gratitude ( I have always felt grateful about many aspects of my life)

Practice self care ( I never understood what self care was until getting out of my previous place of residence )

Stay in your own lane ( took me too long to learn this)

MYOB ( charlie used to talk about this as does his son )

Watch the spoken word ( my dear brother Phil taught me this one)

Hi Ange,

Some thoughts on your internet presence ahead of a website launch.

Try doing a google search on “sprint training” and see how many pages you need to go through until you find your current site.

Try using a web page viewing analysis tool such as its free, and compare your site to say for say total visits and ranking.

I suggest you ask your new website provider/developer if they are doing any of this search engine optimisation.

Its good to have a new and better website but you have to be visible. This is not my area of expertise but its pretty basic internet site principles.

THanks Oldbloke

Website will go down tonight for a few hours and you will each need to re enter a new password as for security reasons the passwords are not stored.

The new forums are optimized for better performance for users and the new website will go up in the next few days.

THanks to everyone for your ongoing interest and support.

Ange James Winston ( who’s turning 8 tomorrow happy birthday Winston and Merrick ( my 2 year old kitten )

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New format looks good.

hey Sharmer, nice to hear from you. How are things?

Hi Angela and everyone

I’ve been member and lurker since 2000/01ish, it’s been a while. Several forgotten passwords and new usernames since and it’s great to see you keeping Charlie’s work alive through your own diligent efforts

Always enjoyed the discussions and input of members who seemed to have been involved at all points along the spectrum from elite sprinting to U11 and youth levels

New format looks great :+1:

Thanks NLS,
Moved and it’s been hectic, busy and exciting and the new site is done as well but I have not finished my part. :wink:
Hope you are well and doing your thing and enjoying what ever that might be.

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Thanks for your response

Over the years I’ve done some coaching here and there. Based in the UK so we are fortunate to have a few indoor facilities to retreat to in winter time although I spend most of my time in GPP outdoors with my group (80/20 split Oct-Feb)

What are your thoughts on the Indoor Athletics scene? Did you compete much in your career?

I preferred racing indoors because I was always successful and felt fast. Sprinting indoors and hurdling indoors favored my strength which were speed over shorter distances. Gradually I became stronger as an athlete but missed a fair chunk of development time in my teens, late teens and wasted time post 1988. I can’t complain but I am a big fan of indoor training and competing. In a perfect world you have grass all year around which is in part I am sure why Jamaica has been able to take advantage of the world stage with their performances. Canadians have a hard time avoiding indoor training and or indoor competing and it’s a good way to see where you stand and test your results officially.

Took a couple tries and a password reset, but it’s nice to be on the new platform.