New Updated Site switch over April 1st 2011

I am in the final stages of transferring 3.7 million posts from our forum to the newly updated I am very pleased to making this announcement.

My current IT expert Joe Parkinson has worked hard for the past several months getting the site ready for the new site launch this coming Friday, April 1st. Joe has had to rely on the full co-operation of our former IT administrator Rupert Young and we would like to say thank-you to Rupert for his help.

Before we move forward, I have felt it was necessary to preserve Charlie’s 10 years of posting along with the interaction from all of you. The forum will continue on as a benefit to all and as a tribute to Charlie’s love of his work, his athletes and sport in general.

I continue to appreciate the notes from all of you expressing thanks and gratitude towards what this site has been about.

I must make mention of your continued patience. It has kept me moving ahead.

Warmest regards to all of you.


You are very much appreciated!


Thank you Ms Coon.

I thank you as well Ms. Coon. The job done to-date IMHO has been nothing short of admirable.

Thank you Angela.
So, the forum will continue, and posts won’t " disappear" like the in the old forum?
Thank you again.

Thank you very much Angela:cool:
I hope that april 1st is just an “ordinary” day!!
(it’s foul’s day if I remember;))