New Tudor Bompa book

Anyone read this - it’s just come in at my university book shop but had a film on it so you couldn’t even read the contents. Don’t want to spend £50 if its a rehash of old stuff…

How recent is it?
David I have some of his most recent publications, - what is the title of the book and Pub. date?

Theory and methodology of training : the key to athletic performance / Tudor O. Bompa ; edited by Orietta Calcina
3rd ed.

Sorry David,
I have ‘Periodisation: Theory and Methodology of training’ and ‘Periodisation for Sports’ but not that new one.

Hard to imagine a more comphrehensive refernce text than - ‘Periodisation: Theory and Methodology of training’ though.

If you do buy it let us know what you think please…

David… 3rd edition isnt new…(1999 i think)
i have the 4th edition… but i have not read any of his other bok so i cant tell you if its rehash of old stuff…
or maybee im mistaken… it just says
Theory and methodology of training 4th edition… so i dunno.

Theory and Meth. 3rd edition is the edition before Periodization. I believe it’s pretty much the same thing, just “updated”. The 3rd edition is published with Kendall, Dubuque, Iowa. Tudor then switched over to Human Kinetics where they changed the title to Periodization, which really is the 4th edition. Personally I like the 3rd edition with Kendall Hunt Publishing Company better than the 4th edition with Human Kinetics. It seems to be less tampered with as far as his style, organization and context. Just my opinion though.

I have the first edition from the 80s. It is a great book. I have only glanced at the Human Kinetics book Periodisation but they look totally i different if i remember correctly - seemed to be less scientific with examples of programs for a number of sports. I’ll check it out next time i am in the library and let you know.

I have a copy of the original text before it made it to market (took one of the Bompa Training system courses), and it differs substatially from the Theory and Methodology text. The scope of the new text is designed around team sports as apposed to athletics. If you are looking for information on team sports it would be a good resource.

Periodization Training for Sports

From the Publisher
Sports conditioning has advanced tremendously since the era when a “no pain, no gain” philosophy guided the training regimens of athletes. Dr. Tudor Bompa pioneered most of these breakthroughs, proving long ago that it’s not only how much and how hard an athlete works but also when and what work is done that determines the athlete’s conditioning level.
In Periodization Training for Sports, Bompa demonstrates how to use periodized workouts in order to peak at optimal times by manipulating six different training phases: anatomical adaptation, hypertrophy, maximum strength, conversion to power, maintenance, and transition. Coaches and athletes in 32 sports have at their fingertips a proven program that is sure to produce the best results. No more guessing about preseason conditioning, in-season workloads, or appropriate rest and recovery periods; now it’s simply a matter of identifying and implementing the information in this book.

Presented in a useful format with plenty of ready-made training schedules, Periodization Training for Sports is your best conditioning planner if you want to know what works, why it works, and when it works in the training room and on the practice field. Get in better shape next season, and see the benefits of smarter workouts in competition.

About the Book
“Periodization Training for Sports” portrays a comprehensive view of training for peak performance. This is a must-read for sport and performance coaches at all levels.

About the Author
Tudor O. Bompa, PhD is recognized worldwide as the foremost expert on periodization training. He developed the concept of periodization of strength in Romania in 1963, as he helped the eastern bloc countries rise to dominance in the athletic world. Since then, periodization training has become a standard method for conditioning champion athletes. Bompa has proven his system time and again, using it to train many world-class athletes including 11 Olympic medalists.
A professor emeritus at York University in Toronto, Bompa has authored several books on physical conditioning, including Serious Strength Training, Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training, Total Training for Young Champions, Training the Team Sports Athletes and Power Training for Sport: Plyometrics for Maximum Power Development, as well as numerous articles on the subject. His work has been translated into 18 languages, including Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, and Italian, and he has made presentations on training theories, planning, and periodization in more than 35 countries. His publications, conferences, and ideas are highly regarded and enthusiastically sought after by many top professional athletes and training specialists.

Bompa currently offers a certification program in training, planning, and periodization called the Tudor Bompa Training System. The program is designed for personal trainers, instructors, coaches, athletes, and educators. For more information visit

Bompa lives in Sharon, Ontario, Canada.

Michael C. Carrera is a sought-after health and lifestyle expert, published author, and international presenter who currently serves as vice president of exercise planning and development for Truestar Health (, a revolutionary Web-based health and fitness site. After working for the past 10 years as both a student and colleague of internationally revered sport-specific training expert Dr. Tudor Bompa, Carrera became a specialist in the field of periodization and director of the Tudor Bompa Training System. In this position he has developed international sport and fitness certification and education courses for personal trainers.

As a leading exercise expert, Carrera has also developed and implemented corporate wellness programs and health management strategies for many large North American companies. He has a master of science degree in exercise science and a specialized honors degree in kinesiology and health science. Nationally certified as a professional fitness and lifestyle consultant (PFLC), he also holds a certificate in fitness assessment and exercise counseling.

Carrera resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with his wife, Sandra, and their son.