New to nutrition!

I am a female 100/200m sprinter and I’ve only recently become more aware of my nutrition. I generally don’t weigh my food but I was wondering if the example I give below (which is the general basis of my diet) seems ok or whether I need to include more or less of anything. I’m not sure about weighing my food all the time as I don’t really think it’s always practical, I’d rather just know whats good and what to avoid! I have provided 2 dinner examples as they are the only meals that differ very much. I would really appreciate the help!..

B/fast 9/10am: 30g oatmeal and skim milk, green tea & sugar-free squash
Lunch ~1pm: 2 slices wholemeal grainy bread, 65g tuna with 1 tblsp low-fat
mayo and onions. Bowl of veg soup and 1 apple. Normal tea &
sugar-free squash
Dinner 4.30/5pm: lean chicken, 150-200g potatoes and lots veg, tea & squash
OR 100g lean mince, 100g chilli sauce (from a tin!), 60g
(uncooked) brown rice & 1 brown pitta bread.
Training 6.30-9.15pm
After Training~9.30pm: 20g whey protein with water, more squash, 1 apple
and 2 tangerines
Bed 11-1am
Does this seem ok? :confused: :slight_smile:

All that tea, where are you from…England? :slight_smile:

Anyways, if you can maintain that diet for any significant amount of time that is great! I suggest slowly making changes as you feel the need. Learn what you can about post workout nutrition etc, and then modify your exiting diet. Small changes over time amount to a really good diet.

[QUOTE=Herb]All that tea, where are you from…England?QUOTE]
Got it in one! I love it!
I’ve heard that you shouldn’t eat to soon before going to bed so I’ll definately look into the post-workout food as I’m not really sure, thanks! :slight_smile:

perhaps you should not a lot before bed -although slow release protein, such as casein (cottage cheese) and others is not bad- but definitely eat well after training; just think of your recovery!

the state you get out of bed will tell you a lot -depending on the session the day before, of course…

So, do you think it’s beneficial to have some casein type protein before going to bed as well as having the protein drink after training? thanks for the advice!

quality food is a MUST! no supplements can substitute this! have one of the meals you take before training after your workout and have a good snack instead a couple of hours pre- (or longer, it’s up to you)


  1. if necessary have your supplements, as most of us haven’t got an ideal nutrition
  2. have some kind of protein with any of your meals
  3. have some veggies/fruits at the same time
  4. you already have your green tea
  5. avoid CHO with high GI most of the times (to avoid flactuations in your glucose and cravings), apart from post-training meals -that’s the time to take them, i.e, post-workout “window”, and…
  6. try this one: mix well with a spoon cottage cheese, peanut butter -a good one- choco protein, flax meal and splenda/canderel to taste; you’ll find the ratios, but it’s quick and easy, just what you need before bed :wink:

by Clemson

also, check the link “guidelines”

eat slow releasing proteins befor bed, dark meat, high purines.

Also eat only! certified organic!

Read “metabolic typing” by fahey

why put cheap fuel in a ferrari?

You need more fat!

EFA’s and saturated… check out the posts on coconut oil

what does EFA stand for?

oh i think its essential fatty acids isn’t it?

yes it is :smiley:

If you can yeah.

Like everyone you’ve probably got other things to sort out, thinking about small things like whether you’re getting casein, or creatine in your beef is a minor thing, takes focus away from what’s important, getting the right foods at the right time, quantity etc etc.

If you’ve got an English tongue like me and think cottage cheese tastes like shit, you’ll be cringing for something that doesn’t make a big difference.

Does anyone in the UK know where to get coconut oil (supermarkets)?

I’ve looked on websites and it’s £14, about $26-30 for 440ml, at that price it’s not worth it. I’d just buy some sunflower oil, olive oil or vegetable oil for £1-2. There’s that, but I was thinking of oil I could buy when I need it, at a store, smaller sized.

yes, that’s it; from fish (salmon), seeds (flax), etc

also, Blinky is right, if i remeber your foods correctly; make sure they come from the right sources…

yes, that would be good! please, let us know…

PS oh yes, cottage cheese tastes great :wink: