I thought soy protein was supposed to be crap. I’d particularly like Clemson to give his no-nonsense style (review of the following extract from a website I just read.) Now, they’re trying to suggest Soy is better than whey. Not suprisingly it was a website that sold soy products. Nevertheless, please read the following that I’ve copied and pasted from the website; :eek:

Whether you need more energy to keep up with a busy schedule, your daily work out or to simply enjoy life, soy protein may support better energy levels. Soy protein may also reduce free radicals during exercise better than commonly used whey protein.
Soy protein has key nutritional qualities that support energy, stamina, and sports performance (better lean muscle mass, endurance and recovery time).(1-3)
Soy protein is rich in “branched-chain amino acids” which the body can burn as “fuel” to produce energy.
As a complete protein, soy helps to build and maintain lean muscle mass.
Soy may help stimulate the release of certain anabolic hormones that promote muscle formation.
Soy may help sustain endurance levels during exercise.
Soy may help improve recovery time and reduce post-exercise fatigue.
Soy helps support a healthy cardiovascular system (critical for exercising or an active lifestyle).
Soy Reduces Harmful Free Radical Formation During Exercise Better than Whey Protein.

Evidence from recent clinical trials suggests that soy may have added exercise benefits compared to other protein sources, in particular whey protein (a popular protein among many athletes). Researchers from Ohio State University have just completed a study examining the effect of soy protein on muscle weight gain and “antioxidant status”.(4) A higher antioxidant status means that your body is able to better neutralize free radicals. Free radicals produced during exercise are harmful to muscle and other tissues.

In the study, men taking part in a weight training class were given protein bars containing either soy protein or whey protein (33 grams/day) for 9 weeks. The men consuming soy protein maintained a healthy antioxidant status, while the antioxidant status of men consuming whey protein actually worsened. By reducing free radical production during exercise, soy protein may help lessen muscle damage and fatigue. Both protein sources increased muscle mass of the men.

Another recent study tested the effects of soy protein and whey protein on “lipid peroxides” (higher levels are considered worse), in men performing moderate intensity, weight resistance exercise.(5) This study also compared soy to whey protein (men consumed 40 grams/day for 4 weeks prior to each exercise session). Lipid peroxide levels were reduced in the soy protein group as early as 5 minutes after the exercise session, while peroxide levels were not reduced until 24 hours after exercise in the whey protein group.

In summary, these new studies demonstrate that soy protein can help build muscle mass similar to more commonly used protein sources. However, soy protein provides the added benefit of reducing oxidative stress through the antioxidants naturally present in soy (isoflavones and saponins).

Numerous studies indicate that soy isoflavones may be responsible for soy’s antioxidant properties.(6) Isoflavones are not found in whey protein or other common protein sources. Revival’s patented natural concentration provides 160 milligrams of soy isoflavones in just 1 bar or shake (the amount found in 6 cups of a typical soymilk) giving you an easy and convenient way to enjoy the protein and antioxidants beneficial to any exercise program.

Soy has some positives but for the most, you can get soy’s better qualities without the problems.

read it again and ask if things have changed…my answer is no.

Whey isolate is not a great protein…so why not compare soy to hydrolyzed whey? The reason is cost…most CEO of supplement companies want profits and so the cheap bulk protein is used for studies.

Sure soy has great benefits on paper, but their negatives negate the positives. Whey that is hydrolyzed has great anti-oxidant benefits and if you have a complete diet and supplementation program the need for soy is ZERO. Soy is cheap and profitable so take your pick.

re:Regeneration Lab article

The Aunt Jemima reference is priceless!

Soy Is Crap It Is Better Used For Women (and No That Is Not An Insult).

Think Like A Beast Eat Like One! Not Plants.

Thanks guys, I’ll keep staying away from Soy protein. I’ve got to check if the whey that I’ve been buying is hydrolyzed or isolate.

Try a bit of everything. Mix your whey with milk or mpi. I get soy products now and then, but nothing that is regular by any means and don’t consume them but maybe once or twice per week for variety.

Whey Isolate is an awesome protein for health benefits, tastes the best out of any one, and is easily digested for most everyone.

Then I would recommend a natural milk protein isolate as a perfect cocktail at night or as a meal. If we can only get it to taste as good as the whey. Something to shoot for I guess :wink:

Oh really? Are you suggesting that we switch to hydrolized whey protein? It should be very tasty…

Surge doesn’t taste too bad :slight_smile:

I know what you mean about straight hydrolized whey …

Yeah, I’m kinda surprised when Clemson said that. I though whey protein isolate like CFM is the best of whey types but I don’t know what Clemson is trying to tell us. I guess it just depends…

I’ve never actually tried Surge though. Everytime I get online to buy it, they’re already sold out. Oh well. I still have some left from true protein. Do you really think it makes that much difference for that much more money?

i’ve never had a vanilla tasting protein supplement that i’ve liked, incuding surge.

Soya is naturally high in glutamine (~5g/30g). Most high quality whey proteins have peptide bonded glutamine added (hence making them more expensive)

The link between soya and decreased T is false. Isolated soya has no negative effects on anabolic hormones.

This can only intensify the debate, seeing as Soy is so cheap. When I used to take Soy years ago it did not have positive affect on muscle mass. Whey has not given a greater effect on muscle mass though. I’m none the wiser, but I don’t want to stuff myself with whole foods all day either.