New Release. CF HIT

has anyone purchased the new release via here or amazon yet? well I have and as usual its crammed full of information which will be highly useful to anyone in any sport where speed/power is essential.

any questions just ask.

here the links to amazon or the store

You just spoiled it for me. I purchased it this morning, and haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

My suggestion is buy it. It is cheap at normal price.

Probably be the 100th book I have brought. The last was 10 years or more ago, I gave most of them away.

I am going to get one.

Is this the same book from Key Concepts?

nope different

Are you sure? The titles of this and the other books are the same as the Key Concepts Elite Edition. That is why I have not purchased any of the “new” Ebooks. I thought I already had them.

seems different to me. i could be wrong, but at that price i dont mind

I have just about every product of Charlie’s and this is it’s own unique piece of work and like everything else I highly recommend it.