new products

hi all

i am very happy with all products purchased on the site.

Anything new in the works?

We have a 2009 Forum Review coming…should be very interesting.

Video product is on the discussion table also, exciting!


This is a test to to SMTP.



I already bought a few of the products (Vancouver, CFTS, GPP, speed&strength) but i’ve never tried a forum review. Honoustly, I would like to know how I will find the information in such a product. I read the forum but is the forum review a nice book or something else ? It’s maybe a good idea to add an example excert from a forum review in the shop !!

The forum review was a print book and is discontinued at this time.


Frednick - The forum reviews of the past were an excellent and informative package of information. It saved me from having to trawl through threads and posts found using the search option on the site. Because of the way its done you find all the answers to a specific topic/subject/question all in that one area.

I personally think there should be a Forum Review every year.