New Position ~ Opinions?

We were scrimmaging another select team from our soccer club, 2 years younger.

and my coach analyzed that I could sprint
full out for about 300 yards straight without
even breaking a sweat, and I’d totally just
shut down.

So he moved me from right midfielder,
to Right Forward, so I didn’t have to play
offense and defense.

The scrimmage was only about 32 minutes or so, but our team won 4-0,
and I scored 1st in what seemed to of been the first 10 seconds of play.

so anywho,
my coach is now bowing down to me cause I
dribbled all the way through,
but I don’t think I’m good enough to play this

here are my stats:

30 yard: 3.62
40 yard: 4.59

18 yards: 7/10
25-30 yards: 1/5

soccer is not speed, its skill…

it helps, but its not the game.


A lot about being a forward in soccer is intelligence, speed obviously helps and finishing is essential, but knowing where to be and the right positions, and knowing how to find space in behind the defense and in front is key.
If you have confidence in your ‘game’ intelligence then go for it, if however you are not confident in this position, by all means tell your coach, as a forward without confidence is not a good thing.