New Portland State Coach

Congrats to Kebba Tolbert…

Well deserved.

I got an email from a coach that thought he should be the new coach for portland state…after telling me that the reason KT got the job because he was black (he did not know KT was my friend) I called him up and chewed him an new butt. I explained to him that he is a better coach then me and that he in his own words thought I was Coach Jesus.

Kebba is the leader of the new crop of coaches comming up. Congrats KT, you are one bad mother.


Hi Kebba,

Thats great, congratulations on your new post.


thanks for the defense Clemson.

Clemson, as the group talked about on Saturdayin Asheville, a lot of job stuff is “political”. I’ve seen people who were super-qualified get passed over for interviews and people who were hardly qualified get jobs all over the country.

I’ve been very fortunate in many instances to have made some good contacts and connections.

I don’t know if I’d call myself a “new leader”, but I do feel like I want to continue in a certain mold. My mentors (on and off the track) have been very good to me and the best way I can pay them back is to do my best to help athletes and other coaches.

I also think it’s important that we build networks where we can support each other, help each other, and share amongst ourselves.

my .02

Congrats Kebba!! I have a couple of friends that train in the area. You should have a good crop of kids to work with.

Now if the guy had told Clemson that it was all about stature, we would have needed a referee from Webster’s… is he talking verticality or prestige???

Dear KT,

You are an “emerging elite”- “big man” in the sport and classy enough to help out those who dont have the connections, proximities, or other advantages you might. You, JJ, Clemson/Phoenix or whatever cape he has on when he flys out of the phone booth, along with Lynn, Matt, Jim Van-MiamiVice, et al, should plan on what we talked about for the next NC event.

Make it happen, cause there arent alot out there looking to make it happen for you. Call yourselfs the California Raisins? Ha, just got a new image from the Webster reference. I kill myself. PS you snore like a lumberjack!

seriously though, your pal

coach k

Goodtimes,goodtimes! Speaking of good sprint coaches where’s tolman at?


I haven’t met you but I hear you’ll turn that program around!

Good JOB !!!

Kenny Mac~~

Congrats KT :cool:


Thanks for your help as well…you gave me some great career advice and your knowledge of the jumps is impressive. To bad some coaches are rude at conferences…if I had the money I woud sue.:rolleyes:

now lets keep this about Mr. Big Shot head coach…

Clem, old buddy

You are further along at your age than most retire at. The trick is to keep the head start.

Let me know if I can help in any way.

Coach Mdd

congrats man! i was hoping to meet you since you were at Syracuse and i am at Cortland but im sure ill meet you and our other great minds some where down the road. Best of luck!

Congratulations Kebba!


I don’t can’t think of any really good HS sprinters coming out of Oregon (with the exception of Jordan Kent), recently. Maybe with open minded coaching that will change, I can only remember going into my one and only track season (as an attempt to get faster for football). I went from running a 4.64 electronic at the Oregon City combine, so I thought with work I could be a pretty good 100m guy. Well, I played football and basketball, so I was ‘tough’, so I was going to run the 110h and 300h. Well, I wasn’t very good, and I was told that I just didn’t have any talent. I hope your influence can improve the area’s coaches. Enough rambling, there is a VERY strong assortment of distance runners in the area. Grant high (or Central Catholic, due to public school budget cuts) has a lot of kids who work with Alberto Salazar right now. Good Luck!!!

Great Job Kebba!!! You are an awesome coach that deserves the best. Hopefully you won’t go all ‘big time’ on me and stop talkign to us little people.

Do me a favor though. Give me a few years before you bring your team down here. I don’t want you whooping my ass too bad too soon!