New Mizuno range

Not so much “new” per se, as updated. while trawling through the japanese mizuno website, found these new editions:

there are now two diff styles of chrono spike

geo sparks only seem to get a mild cosmetic update

tokyo 2003 update. yet another 100-200 sprint spike in the range

this one i THINK is more aimed at 200-400 (note the less agressive spike plate)

previous one was called the citius japan sr-r…

and yet one more style: geo scoach MR

Where can these be bought online?

What can I say, they certainly look the mutts nuts!

damn those look good. I know they will cost some cheese.

mizuno have always made great shoes/spikes.the top 2 spikes look fantastic and the tokyos are also great.

if you’re lookin for a new shoe go no further than these mizunos posted

I’m still going to get the old Chrono Dash TT’s because they look nicer to me.

But, all the new spikes posted here look sweet. I just wish the new Chrono’s didn’t have that orange sole…should’ve stuck with all silver or maybe even that blue color.

400 stud, you say they’ll cost loads of $$$, that’s partly true for the chrono’s, but the tokyo’s are only £60 (i think they’re the same price in US$ as well) not bad for a decent spike if i do say so myself…

I have the 2003 mizuno tokyos there really good shoes

citius japan sr-r… - Drooooooool - I may have to get these just for 200m - student loan perhaps :smiley: sells the Mizuno tokyos and has a good selection of spikes.

Those look sexy…

I’ve never heard spikes called sexy before, but i’m sure as hell agreeing wit you!!!

Originally posted by Clemson
Those look sexy…

clemson - im glad im not the only one who thinks so :slight_smile:

No, no, Clemson … if you look very, very closely at DWatlings posts here you can see a pair of spikes …

ahaha why do all my posts end up coming back to the same topic?

where’s my award for best avatar eheh