New Member and lack of access to track

Hi everyone. I’ve been a lurker here for a while and have read a lot of posts and bought some of the ebooks from the site.

Presently I don’t have access to a track but do have a football (soccer) field I can train by. The length of the pitch is 120m lengthways.

I have used it before to run/sprint up and down 5x240m with 2-3 minutes recovery between sets and then finish my sessions with weighted calisthenics press ups, pull ups and dips.

I used to train the 400m and was 3mile cross country at school. I quite strong but don’t have access to weights at the moment either would anyone be able to give me any advice about structuring my training?

This is an outline of what I had done or something was I intending to do.

Monday: 5k/3mile run- calisthenics
Tuesday: 5x 240m - weighted calisthenics
Wednesday: 5k/3 mile run - calisthenics
Thursday: 8 x 120m - Weighted calisthenics
Friday : 5k/3 mile run - calisthenics

Weekends rest


What is your plan and goal?
How old are you?
What products did you like?

Thanks for the reply.

I bought

Speed Trap
Building a champion sprinter
Lactic Acidosis Tolerance Training (400m)

I found the CFTS interesting but need to look at the others properly.

I’m in my late 30s. I’m considering doing a masters 400m race. I used to do a lot of Martial arts training. I can lift competently but I don’t have access to a track or heavy weights at the moment. I want to improve and maintain speed as I “ mature” :joy: