New French record for Christophe Lemaitre on the 100m (9"95)

Pretty fly for a white guy.

He has the ugliest stride in da business. but it gets the job done

chambers looks great and looks more flexible…will be a good season. slow the french guy down and youl see solid runnung technique

Interesting that it is exactly 43 strides again, same as the recent 9.96s, not sure what it compares to in the other races though…

I agree he has great tech, but it just looks so ugly

I personally think he looked better last year. Alot more relaxed…much more agressive first part of the race. It seems to me that his coaching team and PR team have taken the fire out of him…he seems happy just to be racing against Lemitre.

You may know something more. But perhaps he’s timing things right as well for the season?

Lemaitre seems to be making nice steady progress, anyone know about how he trains? Long to short, short to long?

It appears to me that Lemaitre misjudged the finish line and leaned way too soon. Might have cost him a couple of ticks.

Here is his 200m 20.28 (-2,8m/s)


Chambers has run consistently in the 10.0x range lately (10.01, 10.04, 10.07) and if he would have be “on” during his 10.01 he could have scored himself a PB with that nice tailwind. I was pretty worried when he ran in the high 6.5x’s indoors plus that awful 10.3x at one of the big US relay meets, but he seems to know what he’s doing and looks good.

That being said, I have Lemaitre at 9.90 - 9.94 this season. Looks like he’s almost there, does anyone think he might go lower? I wonder how he will run in the big meet. Can he run rounds? Is he mentally ready?

I could see Lemaitre getting 7th at the world champs running 9.95 or so then running a few weeks later in Rieti or someplace with perfect conditions hitting a mid 9.8.

I still think he’s about two years away from doing big things and becoming a title contender, his biggest challenge will be staying continually healthy.

I think he will go lower sub9.90, esp. with a bit more, legal, tailwind.

Lemaitre is very slightly built, especially in the upper body compared to other sprinters. This lack of musculature doesn’t restrict him from running fast.

If musculature was the point Harry Aikines would be world champion.
Running fast is more a question of power than a question of bulk or pure strength.
No doubt Lemaitre can apply a very significant amount of force on the track.
IMO this guy can still improve technically speaking, and with a little more power I see him running in the 9.8 on the 100 and 19.6 on the 200 in the months to come.
I see him having a fair chance of medal on the 200 in Daegu, but maybe too few to mention on the 100.

My bet… 100m 9.88 200m 20.05 :slight_smile:

Weights can improve you output at track and opposite. But yes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Guy is already fast, why take chance?

He has this wierd hitch aka side to side thing going on but he’s getting downt the track so what can you say

Not to diminish his achievements in any way but it should be noted that he’s progressing fairly slowly for his age from 10.04 as a 19y old, to 9.97 as a 20y old and now 9.95. Sub 9.9 would be quite a jump. He doesn’t seem to have one particular weak part in the race that he could easily, within a season, improve upon.

Chambers performance was sadly overlooked in the BBC coverage. I thought it was the best performance from a male athlete in the UK team.