New Forum Rule Suggestion

I would like to propose …

Should a post or thread be raised, breaching the clear forum rules that maintain the integrity of this site - that the poster and anyone else who posts subsequently on the same thread be banned with immediate effect and without debate.

This way there is no comment one way or the other - even to condemn, and the thread dies immediately.

Apologies, I know I’m not a moderator, but I get annoyed when these things flagrant breaches appear ever few months.


Some people are not familiar with the forum rules --they don’t read it when they apply for membership. But not knowing rules is not an excuse… I could brake a law and say I didn’t kne about that law: what will the cops say? Same as I did before.
But… we are not cops… I would give a serious warning, delete the thread and the user gets a “red card”. If the discussion is discussed, then the user is banned. the “red flag” should be visible: another crap done and he is out! That is mine suggestion

I do not mind gving a severe warning to a new comer who started the thread, but after a week or two you know the rules even without reading the contract when you signed up. So if you reply on a thread of that nature then they should be banned.

Kinda like you did. You’re banned! :smiley:

Banning other people who post on those threads outright would hurt the forum members who try to help newcomers (by telling them that it is against policy). That would add up to a lot of friendly fire.

This is especially true of long going threads that start off fine, but have one bad post. Then those who rightfully ignore the post, but continue the discussion (that followed forum rules) would be penalized. I think that this rule might be a mistake for those reasons.

I think you miss-undertsand what no23 was implying… He ment on people who continues to post on the thread and continues to break the rule (post about drug usage etc)… not all users that actually post on a thread!

I disagree completely.

I’m sorry the ‘ignorance’ argument doesn’t wash with me … read the rules - it’s your responsibility to read and understand.

For example -
If I travel to Italy it is my responsibility to find out what side of the road they drive on, or sit and observe until I see what the Italians do … I can’t drive on the side I usually do, crash and plead ignorance.

Ignornace is NO excuse … and people jumping in to correct neewbies is not an excuse either.

Sorry be an adult and accept responsibilty for your own actions.

rules are rules…in order to become a member of this site YOU MUST agree to the rules of the forum first.ZERO TOLERANCE is my opinion!

Most of the follow-ups are usually people saying, ‘dude, take that out of here, no good’.
I don’t think people should be banned for that.

Thank you … 'm not alone

Yes - but this way the thread will just die - rather than bumping it up every time a do-gooder wants to comment until Rupert can delete it.

If someone does posts a stupid comment - what’s wrong with pming him?

wow, Puritans using the CF system. In that case we should ban everyone who calls and asks remedial question like, “should I lift weights to get faster”?

Somebody PM the poster or post right away in response, remind him or direct them to the rules. Its as simple as that. Need we execute everybody?

Idiotic questions are the basis for great discussions.

I don’t know if I totally agree with that. All I am suggesting is that we don’ assume everyone reads all the finer details in the rule book. Otherwise we would execute judgement without understanding.

“Understand first, judge second”

:rolleyes: i am probably the only person on here with signifigant experiance making secondary accounts on a t&f board( but unless the staff wants to check out every new account coming through for duplicity I think most members who were banned for such a petty “crime” would come back under assumed names.

edit: while hypocritcal and childish. i propose as a community that we ignore this thread.